Air Mobility Show
& Roma Drone Conference

AIR MOBILITY SHOW returns to Fiera di Roma, from 16 to 18 October 2024. After the success of the first edition, this exclusive event dedicated to electric aviation will take place as part of the ZeroEmission Mediterranean 2024 trade show.

The big news is the partnership with ROMA DRONE CONFERENCE, the premier professional conference in Italy in the drone and advanced air mobility sector, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The conference will be hosted in an auditorium in the AIR MOBILITY SHOW area on 17 October, 2024, and will feature top experts in their fields.

This unique event offers Italian and international professionals a focal point to meet, exchange information and get an updated picture of the market and its prospects. It will bring together the entire supply chain in the sectors of electric aviation, Innovative Air Mobility (IAM), electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft (eVTOL), Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), infrastructures, services and related industries.

AIR MOBILITY SHOW and ROMA DRONE CONFERENCE offer an unprecedented opportunity to explore the future of electric aviation, advanced air mobility and drones.

State-of-the-art exhibition area

Explore the latest frontiers of innovation in electric aviation. AIR MOBILITY SHOW 2024 is the place where cutting-edge technologies for the IAM, eVTOL and UAS sectors take flight.

Business Opportunities

Meet international operators and aviation industry leaders. AIR MOBILITY SHOW 2024 and ROMA DRONE CONFERENCE 2024 provide an exclusive environment to establish strategic partnerships, negotiate deals and discover unique business opportunities in the emerging electric aviation and drone industry.

Conferences, conventions and workshops

Attend ROMA DRONE CONFERENCE 2024 and other conferences and workshops held by leading industry experts, which will take place as part of AIR MOBILITY SHOW 2024. Learn more about key themes, explore the latest trends and identify the opportunities and challenges which will shape the future of electric aviation and advanced air mobility.

Excellent networking

Connect with the leaders in electric aviation and advanced air mobility. AIR MOBILITY SHOW 2024 and ROMA DRONE CONFERENCE 2024 is the ideal place to build lasting relationships with key figures, exchange ideas with innovators, and network with other companies in the sector. Grab the opportunity to forge strategic alliances that could shape the future of your company in the innovative world of electric aviation and drones.

Why exhibit?

  • Visibility at an international level: Present your company to an international audience of industry experts and decision-makers.

  • Strategic networking: Connect with the key players in the electric aviation and advanced air mobility industry.

  • Featured Innovations: Showcase your latest solutions and technologies in IAM, eVTOL, UAS, infrastructure and services, positioning your company at the forefront of innovation.

Application sectors

IAM - Innovative Air Mobility

Design and development of innovative solutions for air mobility, such as drones and electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, intended to transform urban and interurban transport of goods and people.

eVTOL - Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing

Electric aerial vehicles capable of taking off and landing vertically, revolutionizing the concept of urban flight and personal transportation.

UAS – Unmanned Aerial Systems

Multirotor and fixed-wing drones, which can be used for various operational activities such as videography, precision agriculture, infrastructure monitoring, search and rescue, security and goods transport.

Electric Aircraft

Design, production and innovation of aircraft powered exclusively by electricity, helping to reduce emissions and promote sustainability in the aviation sector.


Development of support infrastructure for electric aviation, including charging stations, landing points, vertiports and related services.

Storage Systems

Technologies and solutions for the efficient storage of electrical energy required for aviation, ensuring reliable and sustainable performance.

Related Industries

Industries correlated to the IAM, eVTOL and UAS sectors, which provide support and services, such as manufacture of electronic components, lightweight materials, advanced software and connected technologies.

Research and development

Advanced research projects to improve existing technologies, develop new solutions and promote continuous innovation in electric aviation and drones.

and more…

Electric, hybrid and hydrogen-powered flight, drones, electric and hybrid aircraft, charging infrastructure, airports and vertiports, air taxis and flying cars, eFlight regulations, an overview of the industry and markets in the Mediterranean area, in Europe and throughout the world.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this amazing experience.

Exhibit, and join the world of zeroEmission.

Air Mobility
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