ZeroEmission Mediterranean 2023
will be co-located with Eolica Mediterranean 2023 for a smart,
sustainable 100% electric world

ZEROEMISSION and EOLICA are the historical brands for the promotion of renewable energies in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, for decarbonization of electric production, electrification of consumptions and the fight for climate change, (visit About Us).

EOLICA MEDITERRANEAN 2023, is the international trade show dedicated to onshore and offshore wind energy and its entire industrial supply chain.

The 2023 edition product breakdown will be even more complete, with more interesting contents and conferences, meetings and seminars, with a particular focus on the potential growth of floating offshore wind plants in the Mediterranean Sea.

The themed shows offer all visitors a complete overview of fully-sustainable innovations and related technologies: systems, materials, machines, technologies, products and services. Thanks to the synergy of the two shows, ZEROEMISSION MEDITERRANEAN and EOLICA MEDITERRANEAN represent the networking business events for the zero-emission electricity industry 2.0.

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