The Fairground - Rome Exhibition Centre

The Rome exhibition centre has a photovoltaic plant for a production of 1.8 million kWh / year, on an area of 38,000 square meters. Fiera di Roma stands on a total area of 390,000 square meters.

Visitors entrance:
Fiera Roma (Rome Exhibition Centre)
“Ingresso Est” – East Entrance
Viale Alexandre Gustave Eiffel
00148 Ponte Galeria (Rome)

FIERA ROMA, the Rome Exhibition Center, inaugurated in April 2006, represents one of the largest and most accredited exhibition centers in Europe. It is a great architectural work, signed by the architect Tommaso Valle, a futuristic business and relationship center.
An internationally renowned tourist destination, Rome is also a very important business center, in the vital heart of the economic flows between  north and south of Italy and Europe. A real capital of the Mediterranean area, a bridge between old and new markets, equipped with modern and functional structures. Located in a strategic position, served by a network of connections that makes it easily accessible, Fiera di Roma has a multifunctional exhibition center of over 390,000 square meters.
The extreme versatility of the structures, designed to accommodate even more events at the same time, the efficiency of the services offered, the cutting-edge technologies and the large organizational machine, make it the ideal place for trade fairs, professional meetings and business meetings. national and international scope.


The only event venue in Rome capable of combining high-level exhibitions and conferences, Fiera di Roma offers:

  • 10 rectangular pavilionshalls, single-storey and free light (without columns), wired, air-conditioned, equipped with wi-fi, 40,000 square meters of outdoor areas
  • A Convention Center with rooms from 50 to 1,070 seats, for a total of 3,000 seats
  • Restaurants, bars, bank branches, medical center, police station
  • “Leonardo da Vinci” international hub, which will also facilitate the participation of visitors from other regions and / or countries
  • Train stop, directly connected to the Exhibition Center, with the possibility of ad hoc stops of the Leonardo Express train direct from Termini train Station and a direct connection to Tiburtina train Station
  • 2 large parking areas
  • 3 and 4 star hotels in the immediate vicinity, affiliated with special rates
  • Organization of recreational activities and tourist packages
  • The strategic location of Fiera Roma allows easy access from various regions of Italy and major European capitals in a few hours


Renewable energy has landed at the new exhibition center in Rome: using new-concept technological solutions, Fiera Roma has the largest thin film photovoltaic system in Italy and one of the largest in the world, covering approximately 38,000 square meters of roofs of pavilions.

In addition to producing 1.8 million kWh / year, for an investment of about 10 million euros, the plant allows a reduction of CO2 emissions equal to 1,400,000 kg per year, equal to the electricity consumption of about 1,000 families.

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