GIVA Misura, over 30 years in energy efficiency monitoring solutions

GIVA Misura, over 30 years in energy efficiency monitoring solutions

GIVA Misura will exhibit for the first time at ZeroEmission Mediterranean 2023.

For GIVA Misura, “Energy efficiency first” is much more than a slogan. After more than 30 years working in energy efficiency, the Company can estimate that the costs of a poor monitoring affects more a company’s annual revenues than investing on a proper one. The problems to be considered in a productive activity can be various and monitoring solutions with a team of expert behind can foresee it.

GIVA Misura has combined skills and experiences gained over the years to create a monitoring system that adapts to any situation, such as permanent and/or temporary monitoring.

The method applied by GIVA Misura works through a web server system monitored by an expert team specialized in energy efficiency in the Company in a dedicated checking room; the system is designed to monitor a building checking the parameters of each individual piece and highlighting any anomalies.

GIVA Misura can monitor electrical, thermal and physical quantities, such as: kW, Volt, Amps, I, Cosφ, kWh, kVarh, °C, PPM, Air speed, Lumens, Lux, Energy quality, etc. depending on the needs of the individual plant and/or the reference legislation.

GIVA Misura is ready for the next challenges of the sector in managing, C.E.R. (Renewable Energy Communities), Next-Gen Industries, Solar Farms, the issue of TEE or White Certificates (Energy Efficiency Certificates), Weather Stations, accounting, Solutions in HACCP environments, etc.

To be efficient, it is necessary to know. GIVA Misura has the know-how to meet the market needs.

GIVA Misura is pleased to welcome you to its stand at ZeroEmission Mediterranean, Rome Exhibition Centre, 10 – 12 October 2023.