Why exhibit

Why exhibit? To...

- Meet the entire production and distribution chain of zero emission electricity and mobility industries

- Be part of the one and only trade fair that is fully-dedicated to production technologies and innovative solutions of the PHOTOVOLTAIC - PV STORAGE  - INVERTERS & UPS - BATTERIES AND STORAGE SYSTEMS - TECHNOLOGIES AND INFRASTRUCTURES FOR ELECTRIC MOBILITY - GRIDS & SMART GRIDS - GREEN HYDROGEN AND FUEL CELLS

- Network with other professionals in the sector and create new market and business opportunities

- Improve your professional-self

- Be a main focus in the trade fair that highlights the industries of the sector and their suppliers, as well as to take advantage of a predictable, exponential growth in sales and turnovers that the industry sector will encounter in the coming years

- Be a main focus in the trade fair for Italian and other Mediterranean markets, which represents companies and technologies recognized in their excellence at an international scale

- Participate in conferences and seminars of the highest technological level with both national and international leading experts

- Allow your company to be a main focus of the ongoing change of era: shortly, most of the world population will no longer be allowed to release greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and will therefore adopt sustainable technologies. Start ahead of the game and become a focal point of the coming zero-emission economy: business opportunities are enormous!

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