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Within the ZEROEMISSION 2021 event, SOLAR + 2021 is the trade exhibition dedicated to photovoltaic modules and systems, production technologies, equipment, and services related to the production of solar electricity.

SOLAR + 2021 represents the entire industry chain of the sector, and is born from the experience, long history and competence of the historical brand of ZEROEMISSION (Who we are).

SOLAR + 2021, will grant the most technologically advanced technologies and services for photovoltaic production, plant engineering, management and distribution of solar electricity. After the decline in the years 2012-2017, the sector is also recovering in Italy; partially responsible are the drop in prices on one hand, therefore resulting in savings in the installation of the plants, and, on the other hand, the need to adapt to the European Directives, as well as consumers' increasing empathy and sensitivity towards the problem of climate change.

Solar photovoltaics, also known as electricity produced from the sun, represent the real answer to the demand for clean, efficient, and sustainable energy. Among the modern production systems from renewable sources, the solar source is the fastest growing industrial sector in the world. Solar photovoltaics and its connected electrical storage are now at the center of the development of all societies that will feed itself energetically in a natural way, without polluting and without affecting the Earth's resources.

In fact, our whole civilization will soon "work" thanks to millions of widespread and connected systems in energy communities that will produce solar electricity (with wind and other renewables as sources of energy), and thanks to the management and distribution of the energy produced, to its digitalization, integration with electric storage, protection of existing grids, the continuous creation of new smart grids, homes and buildings that are increasingly intelligent (such as grids), destined to become increasingly "electric"and efficient. Lastly, thanks to electric mobility.

PV modules, electrical storage, systems, technologies, and services for the production, management, storage and distribution of electricity from the sun - but also maintenance, disposal and recycling of PV modules - will therefore be the specific issues that will be explored during SOLAR + 2021, thanks to the leading industries and specialists who will be attending. The Show represents a unique and great business opportunity of social networking and professional self-improvement for all the leaders of the sector. In fact, in addition to the exhibition area in which the international and national leading companies will exhibit, SOLAR + 2021 will provide various conference rooms in which, simultaneously, numerous meetings will be held regarding specific topics, as well as several workshops where companies will present new products and services.

SOLAR + 2021 will involve the main stakeholders operating in the specific field and will represent - with an innovative and specific sector vision - the themes, contents, and excellences of a leading market, both nationally and internationally.

For the first time, all suppliers of the industries involved will be able to meet and discuss with their customers, potential buyers, and suppliers in a single event specifically dedicated, with targeted meetings, thanks to an effective formula of very high technological content, guaranteeing a high return on investment.

SOLAR + 2021 is therefore the technological and business event that finally brings together, in Italy, all major players in the sector of solar energy, who will share increasingly innovative solutions, improving the quality of the offer and to eventually give a future to the generations that will follow!

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