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Within the ZEROEMISSION 2021 event, INVERTER WORLD 2021 is the only Italian trade fair dedicated exclusively to production technologies and to the entire supply chain of inverters, UPS, EPS, storage systems, electricity and “smart” grids, and is born from the experience of INVEX and from the long history and competence of  ZEROEMISSION.EU.

INVERTER WORLD 2021 involves the main stakeholders operating in the specific industrial sector and represents – with an innovative and specific sector vision – the themes, contents, and excellences of a leading market, both nationally and internationally.

For the first time in Italy, all the industry suppliers – not only inverter manufacturers but also their suppliers, in particular CEM – Contract Electronics Manufacturers, EMS – Electronic Manufacturing Services, PCB – Printed circuit board manufacturers, inverter repair and regeneration laboratories – will be able to meet and discuss with their customers, potential customers, and suppliers in a specifically dedicated single event, with targeted meetings and conferences of the highest level, due to an effective formula, with great technological and commercial content, which guarantees a high return on investment.

Inverters, the “technological heart” of modern systems for producing, managing, and distributing electricity from the sun and other renewable sources, are an ever expanding industrial sector, which will grow considerably worldwide, soon surpassing a turnover of more than 25 billion euros in 2023, according to some research studies. But not only. Inverters are also the “technological heart” of managing and protecting existing grids, creating new energy communities, smart grids, integration with electric storage, electric mobility and smart homes and buildings, destined to become increasingly “electric” and efficient.

INVERTER WORLD 2021 will also be represented by the UPS industry, the static uninterruptible power supply, another instrument of very high technological content. UPSs, backup systems / UPSs, and EPS emergency power systems, have the fundamental function of ensuring the power supply to the load by maintaining the parameters of voltage and output frequency within the limits of regulation provided, and are indispensable in many areas industrial, commercial, civil, and residential.

Inverters, UPS, storage and electrical grids will therefore be the sectors involved, along with their its corresponding specific issues that will be explored during INVERTER WORLD 2021, where thousands of specialized operators are expected. The event represents a unique and a great business opportunity of social networking and professional self-improvement for all the leaders of the sector. In fact, in addition to the exhibition area, in which the international and national leading companies will exhibit, INVERTER WORLD 2021 will provide various conference rooms in which numerous meetings will be held on specific topics, and several workshops where companies will present new products and services.

INVERTER WORLD 2021 is therefore the event that finally brings together in Italy all the major players in the sector to share increasingly innovative technologies and to improve the quality of the offer!

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