Visit to the concentrated PV plants of RSE in Piacenza



During ZeroEmission 2021, a guided visit to the Laboratories in Piacenza of RSE – Energy System Research is scheduled, in the city’s Technopole, just 2 kilometers from Piacenza Expo.

In particular, the visit will give the change to learn the activities of RSE Piacenza Laboratories dedicated to concentrated PV solar, and to visit the concentrated photovoltaic plants in operation.

RSE is a partner of PVMatch, an acronym for Concentrating Photo Voltaic Modules using Advanced Technologies and cells for Highest efficiencies, one of the research projects included in the European Horizon 2020 program which, since 2015, has involved the researchers of the photovoltaic laboratory of RSE in Piacenza. The goal of the project, funded with 5 million euros by the European Commission, is the development of new solar cells and concentrating photovoltaic modules, with the aim of improving their efficiency and reducing technology costs.

Four different European countries participated in the project: Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. CPVMatch was coordinated by the German institute Fraunhofer ISE and involved the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and the Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation, the French CEA and Cycleco, the Germans Azur Space, and AIXTRON and for Italy, in addition to RSE, also ASSE Srl.

More details on the guided tour soon. Stay tuned!


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