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19 December 2019

TORRICELLA, Panasonic battery distribution and assembly of customized battery packs

Also Torricella Srl will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Torricella Srl, a company based in Milan-Italy, is a certified distributor of Panasonic batteries and specializes in the assembly of customized battery packages for all industrial applications.

There are situations – states the company – in which the power supply of a particular tool, or the memory of an industrial machinery, needs to be powered at a voltage and current that do not correspond to any standard battery or battery on the market. What to do in these cases?
In these situations, Torricella internally assembles customized battery packs, made by electrically and physically connecting the batteries necessary to achieve the specifications required by the customer. This allows to create the necessary power source in compliance with all the necessary electrical parameters; in addition, the battery pack also has the size required to insert it in the available space, and all the protection circuits necessary for optimal operation.

The company guarantees consultancy: Torricella offers expert consultancy for the creation of battery packs tailored to the characteristics required by any product. Whatever voltage or amperage is needed to power the machinery, whatever size the spaces available to house the battery pack, and whatever type of protection circuit is needed, Torricella is able to suggest the most effective and simple way to make the pack batteries perfect for you.

The company guarantees material stocks: Torricella has a vast stock of different products at all times, to be able to remedy requests of special urgency. The models of batteries available on the market – by type, by size, by power – are numerous, and often irreplaceable; a specific customer request must be answered in an equally precise manner. In its warehouses, the company constantly has a complete assortment of batteries and batteries of all kinds, so that it can respond to any customer request with maximum speed.


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