The World ZeroEmission Conference

The World ZeroEmission Conference (WZEC 2021)

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The World ZeroEmission Conference (WZEC 2021) is the conference organized within the ZEROEMISSION 2021 trade fair in collaboration with prestigious academic, corporate, research and business institutions and organizations.

For the organization of the World ZeroEmission Conference (WZEC 2021), ZeroEmission 2021 avails itself of the invaluable collaboration of the Polytechnic of Milan College of Engineering – Department of Energy and of RSE-Research on Energy Systems, which both coordinate and direct the Scientific Committee.

Within the Scientific Committee, responsible for the Polythecnic of Milan College of Engineering – Department of Energy is prof. Marco Merlo; responsible for RSE-Research on Energy Systems are Eng. Maurizio Delfanti and Eng. Luigi Mazzocchi.

The World ZeroEmission Conference (WZEC 2021) will focus on the 5 main themes of the event, referrable to the 5 shows: SOLAR +, INVERTER WORLD, BATTERY WORLD, EV ELECTRIC VEHICLES WORLD and H2 – HYDROGEN & FUEL CELLS, extending its range however also with related and complementary subjects.

The main objective of the WZEC 2021 conference is to increase interactions and the exchange of ideas and knowledge between all stakeholders: the academic world, industries, companies, research centers and institutions, visitors and exhibitors.

All visitors and exhibitors of ZEROEMISSION 2021 can participate for free in the WZEC 2021 both as speakers and as a public. The presentations are voluntary contributions from the speakers who require a high technical-scientific value of the speeches/interventions.

Join us at WZEC 2021, and share your innovations: you can find new customers and make new partnerships!

ZEROEMISSION 2021 is a “two days” of intense Business To Business meetings and conferences, round tables, workshops and courses dedicated to business networking, professional updating and training.

Managers, consultants, researchers, university professors, technicians of the sector (experts in electronics, electrotechnics, electro-chemistry, chemistry, mechanics, information technology, programming, hardware, software-firmware, grids, plant engineering, testing, maintenance and repair, components, systems engineering, prototyping, etc.) will be the protagonists of the several opportunities for updating, confronting and professional training for all operators in the sector.

Here is the provisional summary of the main sessions of the World ZeroEmission Conference 2021:

The programme of the World ZeroEmission Conference will focus on technological innovations, new materials, new plants, processes and manufacturing solutions, research developments, future and current market trends, along with new financial models and organizational solutions, to definitively ferry our civilization towards the distributed generation of electricity from the sun (and other renewables), energy communities, the electrification of energy consumption and electric mobility: A SMART 100% ELECTRIC WORLD!

Great importance will be given to the analysis of technological challenges and opportunities for European companies and investors, and international players will also have the opportunity to learn more about the national market and its potential.

The complete program of the 2021 edition will be online soon. Stay tuned!

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