The sectors of H2 Hydrogen & Fuel Cells


Main features of the Show will be all the key sectors of production, management, distribution, installation, use of hydrogen and fuel cells. The event will be a point of reference in the Mediterranean Area for the industry and for the production connected to it, electronics, electrotechnics, chemistry, physics, electrochemistry, mechanics, aeronautics, automation, AI, design, etc. The event will present the latest news on technologies, materials, plants, supplies, products, systems, and services relating to the entire supply chain of the following sectors and for the following topics, not exhaustively:

Alkaline fuel cell components
Conventional technologies and applications of hydrogen
Country strategies / associations / assessments
Desulfurization processes
Electrocatalysts / electrodes (fuel cells and electrolysers)
Environmental aspects and impact of energy technologies on hydrogen
Exergoeconomics of Hydrogen Energy Applications
Fuel cell batteries
Modeling of fuel cell systems
Green hydrogen
Aspects of heat transfer of hydrogen energy
Historical aspects of hydrogen
Hydrogen-based sustainability
Hydrogen conversion technologies
Hydrogen Economy / Marketing / Codes and standards
Hydrogen in smart grids
Hydrogen management
Hydrogen production: Biohydrogen / Bio gasification
Hydrogen production: catalysts
Hydrogen production: electrolysis / electrolysers
Hydrogen production: fossil sources
Hydrogen production: solar hydrogen / renewable hydrogen
Properties of hydrogen / Safety / Sensors
Hydrogen storage: chemicals / hydrides
Hydrogen storage: gas / liquefaction
Hydrogen strategies, policies and roadmaps
Modeling of hydrogen systems
Hydrogen thermodynamics
Hydrogen transport
Hydrogen tourism
Hydrogen vehicles
Modeling of infrastructure systems
Innovative processes and technologies for hydrogen energy
Aspects of the life cycle of hydrogen energy
Microprocessor technologies
Components for molten carbonate fuel cells
Nuclear hydrogen
Other components of fuel cells
Other applications of hydrogen as a fuel
Other fuel cell applications
Reimbursement of hydrogen-based systems
PEM fuel cell components
Hydrogen Pipes / Infrastructure / Distribution / Filling Stations
Purification / Separation / Membranes
Technologies and applications for renewable hydrogen
Sector applications to hydrogen
Components of solid oxide fuel cells
Fixed applications
Sustainable hydrogen technologies
Transportation and aerospace applications
Hydrogen energy waste

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