The sectors of Battery World


Primary focuses of BATTERY WORLD 2021 will be all the key industrial sectors of the production chain of the battery and electric storage systems: complete plants and lines for battery production, suppliers of materials and raw materials, suppliers of equipment, components and accessories, battery manufacturers - batteries and accumulators -, other electric storage systems manufacturers, service and engineering companies, distributors and retailers, etc.

BATTERY WORLD 2021 revolves around the current changes taking place of the energy paradigm shift, which is heading towards the increasingly exclusive use of renewable energy, and therefore towards diffused micro-production of electricity, management, distribution, decentralization, interconnection, digitalization, and consumption of only green electricity, which is the electricity that is produced from renewable sources.

The event will therefore be a point of reference for all stakeholders: electronics, electrical engineering, mechanical, chemical, and electrochemical industries applied to electricity from renewable sources. The event also responds to the need to face a new and enormous potential market, that of batteries and storage systems, with increasingly positive effects for companies already operating in the sector or intending to enter it, in terms of turnover, and market shares at industrial, commercial, civil, and residential level. The event will present the latest novelties regarding production technologies, plants, complete lines, supplies of materials, raw materials, machinery, equipment, components, finished products, and services relating to the entire production chain:

ESS-Electric Storage Systems / storage systems
Sector Industry Suppliers
Raw materials and chemistry for battery production
Machinery, equipment, tools and components for battery production
Engineering and complete systems for battery production
Test, certification and laboratories
Electronics, hardware and spare parts
Software, BMS, EMS and design
Battery regeneration
Recycling and disposal of exhausted batteries
Research and universities
Services and consultancy

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