The Capital of Logistics in Italy

Piacenza and its province are the center of logistics in Italy

The Piacenza Expo Exhibition Center is located in the productive and logistic heart of Northern Italy. While on the one hand, Piacenza is considered the capital of logistics in Italy, on the other, within a radius of 100-150 kilometers, 70% of the Italian GDP is placed.

The three cities, Novara-Piacenza-Brescia triangle is an area of ​​logistics consolidation serving the economic system of Northern Italy, and is the main hub for generating and attracting goods to and from Italy.

The provinces of Piacenza and Novara alone, host 35% of all third-party warehouses in Italy.

With its real estate sites, which includes over 70 distribution centers of the large-scale retail trade and the warehouses of important companies such as Amazon, Ikea, Zalando, Unieuro, Oviesse, Hupac, Italian Railways Co., etc. many companies but also institutions - such as the National Disaster Protection Authority - have chosen the province of Piacenza as a central location for distribution in Italy. Italian Railways Co. is also building a new freight terminal right in the Le Mose area, near Piacenza Expo.

Drawing a circle with a radius of about 110 km, Piacenza Expo can be reached in about an hour from the equivalent of 50% of the GDP produced in Italy.

Exhibitors of ZeroEmission 2021 will take advantage of this economic-logistical-geographical centrality of Piacenza Expo, which will thus be able to count on a flow of professional operators coming easily from the areas with the highest concentration of business in Italy.

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