The Graphene Forum

Conference on the Graphene Industry: the production sites and main features, and the opportunities for the sector – GEIM NOVOSELOV Room




This conference session will present industries/companies, new applications, new products and the state of the art in research on graphene, a material with immense potential. During the session, new opportunities offered by a material that will play an increasingly important role also in the renewable energy sector and in the storage of energy will also be analyzed and discussed, including: from batteries, to the production of hydrogen and fuel cells, to supercapacitors, to highly efficient electric vehicles that require a much lower or even zero use of precious metals, and will be the backbone of new materials capable of replacing those currently in use, improving their performance and drastically reducing their costs.

The detailed program soon to come… Stay tuned!

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Here is the provisional summary of the main sessions of the World ZeroEmission Conference 2021:


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