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19 December 2019

SOLIDpower, from startup to leader in SOFC fuel cells

Also SOLIDpower Spa, Multinational with parent company in Mezzolombardo, in the province of Trento-Italy, will be present at H2 HYDROGEN & FUEL CELLS ZEROEMISSION 2021.

SOLIDpower Spa was born in 2006 as SOFCpower, spin-off of Eurocoating-Turbocoating Group, and in 2007 acquires at Yverdon, in Switzerland, 100% of HTceramix S.A., spin-off of Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne (EPFL), specialized in the development of high temperature fuel cells.
In 2008, the first pilot plant for the production of cells, cells, and SOFC systems was built in Mezzolombardo, Italy, and the following year the first mCHP system developed by SOFCpower was successfully installed and tested within a demonstration project.

In 2014, the Mezzolombardo plant was enlarged through the start-up of a new production plant, and the company changed its company name to SOLIDpower. With the acquisition in 2015 of Ceramic Fuel Cells GmbH, a German company that produces BlueGEN, SOLIDpower expands its product portfolio and secures a new production plant, the existing team and the related know-how. In 2016, following the acquisition, production of the BlueGEN systems restarts at the Heinsberg plant in Germany. At the beginning of 2016 the first systems are supplied all over Europe.

Today SOLIDpower is a group of international companies. At the various plants, the company employs highly specialized staff in SOFC technology, in order to optimize every aspect of technology and products. The headquarters of the group remained in Mezzolombardo, where both research and development activities and the production of cells and stacks take place. The assembly of the BlueGEN systems and the European sales management are located in Heinsberg, Germany. In Switzerland, Yverdon and Australia, in Melbourne, there are two centers for technological development and research for further applications.

In the first months of 2020, the company will open one of the largest and most modern systems production systems in Europe, which will reach a production capacity of 50 MW.


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