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7 October 2019
Solarnet Envolve Srl

SOLARNET of ENVOLVE, the online service to monitor the photovoltaic system

Also Solarnet of Envolve Srl will exhibit at  ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Solarnet is an online service that allows you to monitor the photovoltaic system through updated data in real time, which can be consulted comfortably from PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Envolve Srl ‘s staff offers a very varied and complete range of IT solutions. Starting from the different experiences in the world of programming and its practical applications on different platforms, Envolve Srl has created a solution that meets the needs of those who deal with photovoltaic systems: Solarnet, a monitoring system for photovoltaic systems but, more generally, for all forms of green energy. The path was tiring but also very stimulating. Currently, however, Envolve Srl can be proud of having created a truly easy and versatile system that aligns itself in terms of cost and quality with the best on the market.

Solarnet provides a fast and intuitive web interface that allows you to view the production data of your system and each installed inverter at any time. Thanks to the possibility of interfacing with multiple devices (inverters, fiscal meters, solar meters, field panels), it offers all the means to guarantee maximum profitability.

Solarnet allows to intervene in a timely manner in the event of plant shutdown, by sending sms and e-mails in the event of a malfunction, in order to guarantee maximum efficiency over time.


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