SOLAR+ product breakdown

SOLAR+ 2021 product breakdown

Accessories and equipment
Anti-theft services for pv modules
Associations, institutions and institutions
Backsheets for photovoltaic modules
Biaxial solar trackers
BIPV - Building Integrated Solutions
BT interface protection services
Cables / connectors / junction boxes for modules and PV systems
CEM - Contract Electronics Manufacturers
Certification services
CIS / CIGS thin-film photovoltaic modules
Communication devices
Concentrated photovoltaic systems
Consulting services
Control electronics
Electrical substations / switchboards / transformers for PV power stations
Electronic and spare parts
Electronic boards and components
Electrical panels
EMS – Electronic Manufacturing Services
End-of-life disposal services and recycling of PV plants and modules
Engineering and design of cells, modules, etc.
EPC asset management
EPC contracting for large PV plants
Fall-arrest safety systems / lifelines for PV systems on the roof
Glass sheets for the production of photovoltaic modules
Instrumentation for testing and testing PV systems
Insurance and financial services
Interface protections
Junction boxes
Large photovoltaic systems / utility scales, on industrial roofs
Large size photovoltaic systems / utility scales, laid on the ground
Learning and training
Machinery, equipment and components for the production of cells, wafers and photovoltaic modules, and their parts
Machinery for planting poles in the ground, and accessories
Machines and accessories for cleaning solar park modules
Management and OEM maintenance services
Media and industry press
Metrologia, energy meters
Monocrystalline / polycrystalline silicon ingots
Monocrystalline / polycrystalline silicon wafer
Monocrystalline silicon thin-film photovoltaic modules
Multi-junction thin-film photovoltaic modules
OEM contracting for large PV systems
Organic photovoltaic cells
PCB - Printed circuit board manufacturers
Performance display for the public of PV systems
Perimeter protection and security systems
Photovoltaic canopies / roofs
Photovoltaic cells in monocrystalline silicon
Photovoltaic cells in polycrystalline silicon
Photovoltaic cells, other material
Photovoltaic modules in monocrystalline silicon
Photovoltaic modules in polycrystalline silicon
Photovoltaic-solar thermal photovoltaic hybrid modules
Photovoltaic systems connected in small grids, turnkey projects
Photovoltaic systems off-grid
Photovoltaic tiles
Power optimizers for pv modules
Power optimizers integrated in the junction boxes
PV plant monitoring and data loggers
Remote control systems for PV systems
Rental and leasing services
Repowering and revamping services
Sectioning / protection services for PV overvoltage and lightning systems
Semiconductors, microchips, silicon carbide wafers
Semiconductors, microchips, wafers
Single-axis solar trackers
Software, firmware, IoT and remote control
Solar trackers, components
Support systems / accessories for rapid assembly of PV modules on the roof
Surveillance systems
Systems for anchoring and fixing photovoltaic modules
Systems for rapid installation of PV modules in solar parks
Testing services and verification of conformity
Tests, test equipment, laboratories
Thermography, aerial thermography
Thin-film photovoltaic modules in amorphous silicon
Wiring and connections

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