Scientific Committee

For the organization of workshops and seminars, ZeroEmission Mediterranean 2022 makes use of the invaluable collaboration of two prestigious Italian Academic and Scientific Institutions: Polytechnic of Milan College of Engineering – Department of Energy and RSE-Research on Energy Systems, which both coordinate and direct the Scientific Committee. Within the Scientific Committee, prof. Marco Merlo is responsible for the Polythecnic of Milan College of Engineering – Department of Energy, whereas Eng. Maurizio Delfanti and Eng. Luigi Mazzocchi are responsible for RSE-Research on Energy Systems. Polimi The Scientific Committee guides the development and supervises the implementation of the scientific program of the conferences’ sessions. The Scientific Committee’s members includes researchers and professors who are also engaged in other associations, research, and academic institutions. Members of the Scientific Committee are: prof. Marco Merlo – Polythecnic of Milan eng. Maurizio Delfanti – RSE eng. Luigi Mazzocchi – RSE Prof. Sonia Leva – Polythecnic of Milan Prof. Filippo Spertino – Polythecnic of Turin eng. Moris Brenna – Polythecnic of Milan eng. Davide Falabretti – Polythecnic of Milan eng. Francesco Groppi – Technical Committee 82 – CEI National Electrotechnical Committee eng. Salvatore Guastella – RSE eng. Luigi Pellegrino – RSE eng. Omar Perego – RSE eng. Carlo Sandroni – RSE eng. Dario Zaninelli – Polythecnic of Milan

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