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28 September 2019

RSE, Research on the Energy System

Research on the Energy System – RSE S.p.A., in addition to sponsorship and exhibition at the fair, collaborates with at  ZEROEMISSION 2021 for the definition of conferences.
The recent history of RSE begins on April 29, 2009, when CESI RICERCA takes on the new name of ENEA – Research on the Electricity System (more briefly ERSE SpA). On 15 July of that year GSE (Electrical Services Manager) acquired 49% of the RSE share capital from CESI. The company’s mission remains the same: to develop research programs in the electro-energy sector, aimed at the entire national electricity system. In 2010 the company passed under the full control of the sole shareholder GSE, assuming the current name of Research on the Energy System – RSE S.p.A.

The mission of RSE S.p.A. is to develop research projects of general public interest for the national electricity system, with an application and system approach. As part of the projects financed by the System Research Fund (RdS), it carries out research activities aimed at innovation and improving the performance of the electro-energy system from the point of view of economy, safety and environmental compatibility, with widespread diffusion of the results. In addition, RSE contributes to the sustainable development of the Italian electricity and energy system through technical and scientific cooperation with national and international operators.


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