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14 October 2019
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ROSSINI ENERGY, the perfect alliance between renewable energies and electric vehicles

Also Rossini Energy will exhibit at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.
Rossini Energy is a company created by Luca Rossini, associated with the French group InnoVent since 2018 to create the perfect alliance between renewable energy and electric vehicles. The idea was born during the studies in the French School of Engineering Arts et Métiers, in 2015, where the founders realized that in many countries energy storage represents a real opportunity, due to the high cost of electricity and the diffusion of renewable energies.
This is how Rossini Energy was born and launched several innovative solutions.

Designed for companies equipped with solar photovoltaics and at least one forklift, Cloudino is the intelligent charger that transforms forklifts into storage systems. The patented solution is ideal in countries where electricity has a high cost and on-the-spot exchange is low-paid. The Cloudino charger allows a bidirectional flow (charge-discharge) to store excess solar electricity in the battery, and then reuse it in the evening, once the sun has set.
The Banco smart cable is a charging cable for electric cars that allows you to participate in the energy transition.
Up to Edi, a solution for companies that use any type of electric vehicle: from lifting platforms to electric cars, and to the PienoSole charging station: conceived for industrial and tertiary buildings with photovoltaic production, PienoSole is a customizable column that supplies solar electricity, adapting the power supplied to instantaneous local production, for an increase in self-consumption and a reduction in the electricity bill.


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