Partner Institutions


Institutions that sponsor, support, or participate in ZEROEMISSION 2021 and in its conferences (currently being updated)


European Commission

Ministry of Economic Development

Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Infrastructures and Transportation

ARERA National Authority for Regulation of Energy Grids and Environment

Emilia Romagna Region

ITALIA SOLARE Industry Association

ANIE Industry Federation

Polytechnic of Milan College of Engineering

RSE Research on the Energy System – Reasearch Insitute

Polythecnic of Milan – Piacenza Campus College of Engineering

LEAP Energy and Environment Laboratory Consortium of Piacenza

Terna – National Electricity Transmission Grid Operator

GSE Energy Services National Authority

GME Energy Markets National Authority

CESI – Center of expertise and a global provider of technical and engineering services

Elettricità Futura – Industry Association

Cobat RAEE – National consortium for the collection and recycling of exhausted batteries and accumulators

AEIT – National Association of Electrotechnics Electronics Automation and Telecommunications

AIGET – National Association of Energy Wholesalers and Traders

ACISM – National Association of Measuring Tools Manufacturers

CNA – National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises

ANCI – National Association of Municipalities

Province of Piacenza

City of Piacenza

Confagricoltura – National General Confederation of Agriculture

Confartigianato – General National Confederation of artisans and small business owners

Confapi Industria Piacenza – National confederation of small and medium industry – Piacenza office

CEI – National body for standardization of electrotechnics, electronics, and telecommunications

ANIMA – National Confederation of Mechanical Industries

Anfia – National Association of the Automotive Industry Sector

Unrae – National Union of Imported Vehicle Representatives

Anaci – National Association of Condominium Administrators

Animp – National Association of Industrial Plant Engineering

Enea – National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

CNR – National Research Council

Association of Industries of Piacenza

Chamber of Commerce of Piacenza

Arpae Emilia-Romagna – Regional agency for prevention, environment, and energy

UGI – National Council of Geologists

National Council of Engineers

ASSIEME – Small Wind Turbines National Association

FIAS – National Federation of Specialist Associations

ISPRA – National Institute for the Protection and Environmental Research

Green Building Council Italia

Anita – Association of freight transport and logistics companies

Assilea – National Leasing Association

Ecopower Consortium – National Consortium for the Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, batteries, accumulators

Gruppo SAFE – most representative WEEE consortia: Ecoped, and Ridomus (which also includes Ecopower, consortium for the management of collection and disposal of lead batteries

Bruno Kessler Foundation

ARSE – Emission-Free Heating Association

Assofond – National Foundry Federation

Assomet – National Association of Non-Ferrous Metals Industries

Utilitalia – Federation of companies operating in the public services of water, environment, electricity and gas

ATER – Association of Renewable Energy Technicians

Association of Managers

FREE Federation

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