Inverter World product breakdown

Inverter World 2021 product breakdown

Accessories and equipment
Associations, institutions and organizations
Batteries and storage systems
BMS – Battery Management Systems
BT and MT electrical substations
Cables and connectors
CEM - Contract Electronics Manufacturers
Certification services
Charge regulators
Charging stations
Communication devices
Consulting services
Control electronics
Control inverters
Control push-button panels
Cooling and ventilation systems
Electrical panels
Electronic and spare parts
Electronic boards and components
Electronic hardware
EMS – Electronic Manufacturing Services
Engineering and design of inverters, UPS, EV chargers, etc.
EPC asset management
EPS – Emergency Power Systems
EV charging technologies
Filters and anti-sand systems
Fixing grids
Hybrid controllers
Hybrid inverters, with battery
Insurance and financial services
Integrated circuits and components
Interface analyzers
Interface protections
Inverter repair and regeneration services
Inverters for campers and boats
Inverters for electric traction
Inverters for residential, commercial, industrial and utility scale photovoltaic applications
Inverters for wind, mini-wind, mini and micro hydroelectric, cogeneration / gas turbines
Inverters with integrated battery charger for electric vehicles
Learning and training
Machinery, engineering and complete lines for the production and assembly of inverters, UPS, EV chargers and their parts
Machinery, equipment and components for the production and assembly of inverters, UPS, EV chargers and their parts
Management and OEM maintenance services
Media and industry press
Metal / plastic shells
Metrology, energy meters
Monitoring and remote control
PCB - Printed circuit board manufacturers
Power electronics
Power plant controllers
Power supplies
Protections for electrical equipment and grids
PV plants monitoring and data loggers
Racks and cabinets
Rental and leasing
Security and surveillance systems
Semiconductors, microchips, silicon carbide wafers
Semiconductors, microchips, wafers
Smart grids
Software, firmware, IoT
Stabilizers, rescuers, switches, rectifiers, dischargers, energy stations
Static counters
String combiners e string monitors
Testing services and verification of conformity
Tests, test equipment, laboratories
Thermography, aerial thermography
Transformers, substations
UPS, backup systems
Wiring cables and connections

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