We would like to thank those who have contributed in the past and are still contributing today to making the ZeroEmission project possible, with several conferences, workshops, events and a major trade exhibition. A special “thank you” is addressed to all friends, collaborators, and professionals, who have made and continue to make their contribution of ideas by suggesting themes, organizing conference sessions and meetings, and promoting the event. A group of passionate, sensitive and smart people who inspired the project, made their skills available to the ‘public good’, have the issues of energy production sustainability, and climate change at heart. They want and are fighting for a better ‘future’ for the next generations to come. The aforementioned people are specificaly those who are aware of how massively crucial it is to select the correct energy type in order to “move and make this fragile world work”: electricity from renewable sources. That is to say, an energy – but also a lifestyle – more and more ZeroEmission. Of one thing we are certain – and we have shared this belief with all the people we wish to acknowledge – the solution to energy triumph consists in the ‘revolution’ to the electrification of consumption, and in producing, accumulating, and using only electricity from renewable sources. Let’s make certain that electricity from the sun and wind – and from all renewables – moves the world, and gives hope to future generations! We care to thank everyone – and we would like to do it individually – for the daily contribution to the development of solar energy, renewable energies and electric mobility, for a more sustainable future. Thank you, good luck to all, and see you soon in Rome



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