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SIRO BATTERIE, quality and maintenance-free lead batteries

Siro Batterie Sas, a company based in Piacenza, will also exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.

The company has been operating in the field of lead batteries for several decades. All the models it produces use the envelope separation system, which eliminates the risk of short circuits and increases electrical performance even in the most demanding conditions of use.
Siro batteries are maintenance-free, meaning they guarantee minimum water consumption and self-discharge values; those for cars are also equipped with the “Kamina” lid – plugs system, capable of further reducing water consumption and allowing the conveyance of acid vapors into a special vent tube.
The characteristics of the Siro batteries – says the company – meet the CEI 21-3, IEC 95-1, DIN 43 539 (Teil 2) standards. The current is charged at -18 ° C, according to CEI-IEC (it is the current in amperes, which the battery can supply for one minute at a temperature of -18 ° C before the voltage of each element drops below 1.4 Volt, 8.4 V for 12 V batteries).
Dry charged batteries can remain in storage for long periods, without any risk of damage. As the storage period increases, a more prolonged feed load will be necessary.

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THASAR, electrochemistry and battery test systems

Also Thasar Srl, a Milan-based company, will exhibit with Alldata at BATTERY WORLD –ZEROEMISSION 2020.

Thasar provides technical expertise in the development of applications, instrumentation and a consultancy and assistance in the following sectors: power supplies and programmable loads, data acquisition, electrochemistry, batteries and acoustic test systems.

The company has customers who belong to many industrial sectors, such as the aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical and renewable energy sectors, to which it is able to offer the widest range of technologies from leading companies in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East. and Asia.

Among the battery test systems proposed by Thasar, the following are worth mentioning:
BasyTech, the CTS family of cyclers optimized for testing a large number of individual cells. The dynamic current scales allow to test cells from a few amps typical of cells with button sizes up to 5 A cells.
Ivium Technologies, the OctoStat multichannel battery / potentiometer test system with the possibility of standalone use without a PC and FRA module for each channel.
Scribner, the battery test system designed in two versions of 1A or 5A per channel, with intuitive software.


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SPIN, electromechanical design and electromagnetic applications

Also Spin Applicazioni Magnetiche Srl, a company based in Piacenza-Italy, will exhibit at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.

Founded in 1999 from the experience of Alessandro Tassi, current CEO, Spin designs electromagnetic devices and mechanical components for the automotive, aerospace, automation, electromedical, energy and plant engineering sectors.

The company operates in the development phases of highly complex industrialized products, following the complete projects from idea to prototyping, and providing technical-scientific advice. It uses the most modern simulation programs and is the official distributor of AltairManitoba and Siemens, among the leading suppliers in the field of simulation programs for many engineering disciplines. Spin Applicazioni Magnetiche Srl has also developed multi-disciplinary calculation interfaces, complete dashboards that bring together individual calculation tools, simplifying the design processes and facilitating the use of software.

The areas of application are: acoustics, mechatronics, permanent magnets, electrical systems, electronics, systems, systems, fluids, prototype construction, optimization of existing devices.
Thematic applications: motors – electric generators, linear electromagnetic actuators, magnetic pre-orientation and magnetization systems, transformers – inductances, electromagnetic systems for lifting and driving, fluid and liquid cooling systems, electromagnetic sensors, magnetic couplings, eddy current devices , induction heating devices


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BENDER: measurement, protection and monitoring for electric vehicles, energy and plant engineering

Also Bender GmbH, based in Grünberg, Germany, will exhibit at EV WORLD / BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.

Bender GmbH & Co. KG – with a branch in Milan-Italy – is a medium-sized family company that operates worldwide, and is a successful pioneer and market leader in the sector of high quality electrical safety products and solutions.

The range of products offered by Bender includes measuring, protection, and monitoring systems for applications in mechanical and plant engineering, electric and hybrid vehicles, energy generation and distribution, renewable energy generation, as well as for buildings technology and a wide range of industrial sectors. Particular attention is paid by the company to solutions for the safety of the power supply in the medical sector.

Bender GmbH & Co. KG is present in over 70 countries with representatives and 15 foreign owned companies. The annual turnover of 135 million euros (2018) is generated by over 900 employees worldwide. About 15 percent of them are active in research and development. Production takes place in two factories in Germany.


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MTA, electronics and electromechanics for e-vehicles and batteries

Also MTA Spa, based in Codogno, in the province of Lodi-Italy, will exhibit at EV WORLD / BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.

The main business of MTA comes from partnerships with the most important vehicle manufacturers, and today MTA – a well-known leader in the sector – designs and produces a variety of items that meet the needs not only of the world’s leading car manufacturers, but even those of motorcycling, industrial vehicles, and earthmoving.

MTA is a leader in the production of electronic and electromechanical components for the automotive, agriculture and off-highway market. Founded in 1954 in Italy, MTA now has 2 factories in Italy (Codogno and Rolo) and 8 foreign branches, in addition to constantly growing economic and financial numbers.

Among the MTA products, battery terminals, terminals, connectors, plugs and sensors, frames and modules, modular control units and controllers, SIC for multi display systems, head-up displays, instrument panels, electronic control units, etc. are to be highlighted.


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EASYLI, innovative energy storage solutions for electric mobility and intelligent buildings

Also Easyli, based in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France, will exhibit at  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.

In 2011, a team of senior managers from leading companies operating in the advanced battery sector founded easyLi. Their ambition: to provide innovative energy storage solutions for clean energy stakeholders in France, Europe, and on a global basis.

Due to the experience of over 20 years in the sector of its founders, easyLi has quickly become a recognized specialist of innovative energy storage solutions for electric mobility and intelligent buildings: manufacturers and operators of electric vehicles, stakeholders, and sustainable construction, as well as public authorities involved in energy efficiency improvement programs.

easyLi recently launched Storelio, a solar energy electric storage system for residential self-consumption, which is offered in 2 modular ranges and in 12 possible configurations (www.storelio.com). Storelio is a range of plug-and-play systems which – says the company – allows people to achieve energy autonomy.


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FZPRO, power electronics and electronic design

Also FzPro Srl will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD ZEROEMISSION 2020.

FzPro Srl, a company based in Ferrara-Italy, is made up of a team of designers and engineers specialized in the power electronics sector, and also has many years of experience in the analog electronics sector and in digital electronic design.

The company is able to offer consultancy during the design phase, with particular attention to the regulatory sphere, but not only. The company also specializes in interpreting the customer’s ideas by making the product complete with all the necessary certifications for placing on the market.

FzPro is Microchip Authorized Design Partner in the writing of firmware and software for Windows, Apps for the iOS system, and more.

FzPro produces EMU01, an acronym for Energy Management Unit, an electronic board designed to manage the energy supplied by the primary batteries installed on electric traction machines. This board performs various functions, including that of recording data relating to the management of the energy of the primary batteries throughout the life of the machine itself, both in the discharge phase and in the charge phase. This data can then be stored on a PC for a qualitative analysis of the system.

FzPro also produces the UBC151 card, universal battery charger for lithium and lead batteries.


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FEMAK, leadership in battery distribution

Also Femak Srl will exhibit at  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020..

Femak Srl is a company in Abbiategrasso, in the province of Milan- Italy, which was born from the decennial experience in the field of batteries of the two founding members.

Femak manages and distributes a complete range of products which – states the company – satisfies the highest demands of the market for rechargeable and primary batteries, with specific technical knowledge regarding batteries: Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, Primary Lithium, Lithium Iron, Lithium Polymers, Airtight Lead, for motorcycles, starting, traction and alkaline.

Femak is supplied directly from the best manufacturers, owns a retail store and a technical / production laboratory of the most advanced in Italy (with electro-welding spot welders, charger cabinets, thermal tunnel and test, inspection and control equipment), with the help of a well-stocked warehouse, the company’s strength in acquiring large and small quantities required by customers.

Femak also stands out because it produces and assembles battery packs according to customer specifications, with the ad hoc construction of the same.


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AUMATECH, automatic assembly lines for battery packs

Also Aumatech Srl will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.

Aumatech Srl in San Salvo, in the province of Chieti-Italy, was founded in 2011 by Marco Monaco, Luigi Ciancaglini, and Luigi Tereo, all three with twenty years of experience in the design and construction of machines for the automotive industry.

Aumatech – states the company – immediately began to develop solutions for automatic assembly lines of both cylindrical and prismatic battery packs including welding with resistance and laser technology, offering turnkey solutions, including control / selection instruments, EOL testing, and Aging test.

Today, Aumatech machines (not only for batteries, but also for the production of windscreens, rear windows, fuel tanks, plastic components for the exterior of cars, and composite containers, etc.) are sold in Europe, Brazil, China, Russia, and the United States and are used by car manufacturers such as Bentley, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Fiat Chrysler. Each machine is designed and built in-house and tested in front of the customer, with the guarantee of installation and assistance in any country in the world. The choice to continue investing and the constant increase in turnover and staff made it necessary to build a new factory in 2017.


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TORRICELLA, Panasonic battery distribution and assembly of customized battery packs

Also Torricella Srl will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD ZEROEMISSION 2020.

Torricella Srl, a company based in Milan-Italy, is a certified distributor of Panasonic batteries and specializes in the assembly of customized battery packages for all industrial applications.

There are situations – states the company – in which the power supply of a particular tool, or the memory of an industrial machinery, needs to be powered at a voltage and current that do not correspond to any standard battery or battery on the market. What to do in these cases?
In these situations, Torricella internally assembles customized battery packs, made by electrically and physically connecting the batteries necessary to achieve the specifications required by the customer. This allows to create the necessary power source in compliance with all the necessary electrical parameters; in addition, the battery pack also has the size required to insert it in the available space, and all the protection circuits necessary for optimal operation.

The company guarantees consultancy: Torricella offers expert consultancy for the creation of battery packs tailored to the characteristics required by any product. Whatever voltage or amperage is needed to power the machinery, whatever size the spaces available to house the battery pack, and whatever type of protection circuit is needed, Torricella is able to suggest the most effective and simple way to make the pack batteries perfect for you.

The company guarantees material stocks: Torricella has a vast stock of different products at all times, to be able to remedy requests of special urgency. The models of batteries available on the market – by type, by size, by power – are numerous, and often irreplaceable; a specific customer request must be answered in an equally precise manner. In its warehouses, the company constantly has a complete assortment of batteries and batteries of all kinds, so that it can respond to any customer request with maximum speed.


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Acri Group2

ACRI GROUP, support systems for photovoltaic systems and shelters

Also Acri Group Srl will exhibit at SOLAR+ ZEROEMISSION 2020.
Acri Group Srl is a company in Caloveto, in the province of Cosenza-Italy, specialized in the production of support systems for photovoltaic systems such as carports, photovoltaic shelters, photovoltaic parks and photovoltaic systems on the ground.The systems – says the company – are adaptable to any surface and panels, including structures on two screws, and are able to guarantee greater support for the system;C-profile single pole structures
The “bolted” connections guarantee ease of assembly, disassembly and maintenance, and are designed to withstand snow and wind loads, in accordance with current regulations.

In addition, Acri Group also specializes in the production of geotechnical screws, from 27 to 48 mm in diameter, ideal for holding signage, fences, street furniture.
It also produces screws with a diameter of 60/120 mm and more, for demanding uses such as parks and photovoltaic structures, greenhouses, wooden houses, steel structures, fences, road and advertising signs, etc…

The company also manufactures metal carpentry products that can be adapted to any type of construction, in particular metal structures of various sizes and intended uses such as: industrial warehouses, civil construction, multi-storey construction, green building structures, etc.

The company is UNI EN ISO 3834-3: 2006 certified by Bureau Veritas.



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SOLIDpower, from startup to leader in SOFC fuel cells

Also SOLIDpower Spa, Multinational with parent company in Mezzolombardo, in the province of Trento-Italy, will be present at H2 HYDROGEN & FUEL CELLS ZEROEMISSION 2020.

SOLIDpower Spa was born in 2006 as SOFCpower, spin-off of Eurocoating-Turbocoating Group, and in 2007 acquires at Yverdon, in Switzerland, 100% of HTceramix S.A., spin-off of Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne (EPFL), specialized in the development of high temperature fuel cells.
In 2008, the first pilot plant for the production of cells, cells, and SOFC systems was built in Mezzolombardo, Italy, and the following year the first mCHP system developed by SOFCpower was successfully installed and tested within a demonstration project.

In 2014, the Mezzolombardo plant was enlarged through the start-up of a new production plant, and the company changed its company name to SOLIDpower. With the acquisition in 2015 of Ceramic Fuel Cells GmbH, a German company that produces BlueGEN, SOLIDpower expands its product portfolio and secures a new production plant, the existing team and the related know-how. In 2016, following the acquisition, production of the BlueGEN systems restarts at the Heinsberg plant in Germany. At the beginning of 2016 the first systems are supplied all over Europe.

Today SOLIDpower is a group of international companies. At the various plants, the company employs highly specialized staff in SOFC technology, in order to optimize every aspect of technology and products. The headquarters of the group remained in Mezzolombardo, where both research and development activities and the production of cells and stacks take place. The assembly of the BlueGEN systems and the European sales management are located in Heinsberg, Germany. In Switzerland, Yverdon and Australia, in Melbourne, there are two centers for technological development and research for further applications.

In the first months of 2020, the company will open one of the largest and most modern systems production systems in Europe, which will reach a production capacity of 50 MW.


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ev.store lorix

EV.STORE, the intelligent wallbox that measures domestic loads

Also EV.Store from Lorix Srl of Milan-Italy, will exhibit at EV WORLDBATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.

EV.Store launched Ev.tre, wall box intelligente on the market, which measures domestic consumption, calculates the maximum energy that can be delivered to the car, eliminates overloads, and measures the energy transferred to the car.

Ev.tre is available in two versions:

  • 6kW monophase 230Vac
  • 18kW Triphase 400Vac

The BASIC model is equipped with a display and three keys for selecting the menu and allows you to set the maximum power and carry out:

automatic refills
delayed top-ups
partial refills

The ESPANSO model is equipped with WiFi, 868MHz radio card. respectively for the connection to the portal www.evlog.it and for the connection to the Ev.log home load control system

Measurement of domestic consumption: the measurement of domestic loads is carried out through Ev.log, a compact device that can be installed in a few seconds downstream of the domestic meter.

Eliminates overloads: Ev.tre receives in real time from Ev.log, the energy absorption of the house and regulates the power supplied to the car to always remain within the limits of the available power on the meter.

Ev.tre also definitively solves the problem of bursting of the main switch in the event of overload due to charging the car.

Made in Italy: the design, construction, and prototyping are performed by a competent team in its role within the company. The idea of the startup was born from the desire to improve mobility and encourage green-mobility.


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GPpm Battery Marketing Italy

GP BATTERY MARKETING Italy, batteries for the consumer and industrial markets

Also GP Battery Marketing Italy Srl, (GPBM Italy), wil exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.

In 1985 three friends registered the Cebon company and with full entrepreneurial spirit they began to sell button cells, thus starting a successful journey that has lasted for over 30 years now. Today Cebon is the parent company of GPBM Nordic, GPBM Italy and GPBM France.

As early as 1988, GP Batteries (GPI) became the company’s official battery supplier. The close collaboration with GP Batteries has allowed the company to become one of the main ledaers of the alkaline and rechargeable batteries market, both at consumer and industrial level. Today GP Batteries is one of the corporate partners of GPBM.

Today the company has offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, and Italy. The headquarters and warehouse for Northern Europe are located in Gothenburg. GPBM Nordics has a turnover of around 355 million crowns and employs over 100 employees.

GPBM operates in two distinct market segments: consumer and industrial. These include consumer markets batteries, lighting products, and fire safety on the market. On the Industrial one, it offers customized and high-tech energy solutions for industrial applications, batteries, safety, and lighting products for professionals and MROs (maintenance, repair and operating).


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SATINAL, EVA film for the production of photovoltaic modules

Also Satinal Spa will exhibit at  SOLAR+ ZEROEMISSION 2020.
Satinal Spa, thanks to decades of experience gained in the field of construction of systems and solutions for laminated glass, has decided to respond to these needs by bringing the production of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) films internally, also used for the production of modules PV.
With headquarters in Erba (CO) and operating offices located in Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East, the Como-based company boasts a staff of about thirty people, capable of developing a turnover that is around € 10 million through diversification of the product range.

STRATO® is an EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) film, a polymer that is used for a wide range of applications in different industrial sectors, including the production of photovoltaic modules. Produced by Satinal the leading producer of EVA films in Italy – the company’s commitment is to offer a 100% Italian product that meets the high standards of our country. In fact, a product linked to glass is treated in a country that has always proven to be at the forefront in the development of the best technologies in the sector.

“We also design and manufacture lamination, tempering and chemical hardening ovens with the TK brand – says Dr. Marco Bresciani, partner and CEO of Satinal together with his brother Eng. Luca Bresciani. Therefore, operating in the laminated glass sector through the construction of the systems, a couple of years ago we felt the need to bring EVA production technology. “

“Taking advantage of the customer base of our ovens and having already acquired an in-depth knowledge of this market over time – says Marco Bresciani – we have thus decided to start producing this film, called STRATO, within our factory in Erba, with the aim to become a new reference point in the glass lamination sector at an international level “.

Another innovative product is STRATO® FRESCO, the solar control EVA, very interesting because it is able to absorb almost all the solar radiation, allowing buildings located in countries with typically hot climates to drastically reduce the use of air conditioning and consequently, greenhouse gas emissions, as well as a reduction in electricity costs.


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Archimede Energia

ARCHIMEDE ENERGIA, industrial lithium batteries for the Motive Power sector

Also Archimede Energia Srl will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.
Since 2009, Archimede Energia – which is part of the HB4 holding company – has been producing lithium batteries, and was founded with the idea of developing solutions and applications in the field of sustainable mobility, industrial applications, energy efficiency and boating.

Research and investments have led the company to create a varied range of products from automotive to storage through the creation of products suitable for light towers or AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) to meet customer needs.
From the experience in the field Archimede Energia has acquired electronic and electrical skills that have allowed it to industrialize the AEnerbox accumulators.

Archimede Energia therefore produces industrial lithium batteries in the Motive Power sector, both in the land and marine sectors. The company has a wide range of standard products in addition to custom products. The high energy density of lithium batteries adapts optimally to applications in this sector having an excellent volume-weight / energy ratio.


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Security Trust

SECURITY TRUST, a leading company for the security and protection of PV and sensitive systems

Also Security Trust Srl will exhibit at SOLAR+ /  ZEROEMISSION 2020.
Security Trust, of Cellatica, in the province of Brescia-Italy, operates on Italian and European territory and started its strategic path in 2001; after a little more than a decade, it has managed to conquer – states the company – a leadership position in the Italian context, appearing at a peak among the companies that deal with System Integration.

For owners of photovoltaic systems, wind farms, hydroelectric plants, cogeneration plants, and / or other production plants, it is essential to guarantee continuity of operation since without electricity, the entire civil society would stop. Some of the most common risks are intrusions or vandalism that can compromise the production of the plants.

Security in these sensitive places is guaranteed by Security Trust through the design, planning, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of anti-intrusion and robbery alarm systems in compliance with the reference standards CEI 79-3 and CEI EN 50131-1.

For the design of the system, a threat assessment and risk analysis is conducted, which takes into account the cost of any theft or damage, the location where the property is located, the presence or absence of a garrison and the history of previous thefts or threats.

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IBS – Industrial Battery Service

IBS – Industrial Battery Service, high-end industrial batteries

Also IBS – Industrial Battery Service will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.
IBS – Industrial Battery Service enters the high-end battery market with the Luminor line – Leader Technology, a brand born – states the company – with the aim of positioning itself as one of the main Italian manufacturers for industrial batteries. Quality, technologies used, long life, and absolute reliability are the characteristics that most distinguish the company’s products.

Founded in Milan in 2014 by a group of professionals in the field of marketing, design, and distribution, IBS – Industrial Battery Service immediately set itself the goal of becoming the preferred partner for distributors and private individuals, in the field of systems power supply and energy storage, aware that, excluding the electricity grid, the most reliable and safe energy source is represented by the battery.

In the reference market, that of traction monoblocks, according to IBS – Industrial Battery Service, customer service can be developed on 3 main axes: purchase or after-sales assistance, logistical aspects (shipping, transport and storage), and professional advice for private label production.


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BE CAE & TEST, simulation and virtual tests for the most efficient and profitable solutions

Also Be Cae & Test Srl will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD ZEROEMISSION 2020.
The company, which is based in Catania-Italy, will be present at the stand COMSOL.
According to the company, Be Cae & Test Srl uses the most advanced CAE tools for simulation and virtual tests to find the best efficient and profitable solutions for its customers.
The company was founded in 2014 by three PhD mechanical engineers, motivated by strong collaboration and close teamwork since 2008. An additional team of specialized engineers works daily to support customers in different industrial sectors and research areas.
The experience gained in experimental tests and numerical modeling makes Be Cae & Test Srl the ideal partner to guarantee reliability, innovation and competitiveness.


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The winners of the 2020 BATTERY AWARD will be awarded at ZEROEMISSION

ZEROEMISSION 2020 is pleased to announce that, on the occasion of  BATTERY WORLD 2020. – the Italian event dedicated to the battery and electrical storage systems industry – the winners of the BATTERY AWARD 2020 will be awarded.

The BATTERY WORLD 2020 fair will take place in Piacenza Expo-Italy on 6-7 May 2020, within ZEROEMISSION 2020, and will see the participation of the main Italian and international companies operating in the entire industrial sector.

The BATTERY AWARD 2020 is the prestigious annual award given to the leaders of the sector – people, companies, and institutions – in recognition of the results achieved and the efforts made for technological development and for the spread of the industry in Italy and worldwide.

The BATTERY AWARD 2020 will be awarded by a jury composed of members from the academic, scientific, institutional, and business world, chaired by Eng. Marco Pigni, coordinator of the Storage System Working Group of Italia Solare, and member of the Storage System Group of ANIE Energia.

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CHROMA, a leader in turnkey solutions for test and automation systems

Also Chroma Ate Inc. will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD ZEROEMISSION 2020.
The well-known Taiwan-based company will be represented by its distributor in Italy, Giakova Srl. Chroma is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of turnkey solutions for testing and automation. Chroma Power Electronics Test Solutions systems apply to batteries, energy efficient products such as solar cells and modules and fuel cells, hybrid and electric cars, LED devices, and in general in the fields of information technology, telecommunications, aerospace, and defense.

Chroma offers a wide range of tools including AC power supplies, DC power supplies, DC electronic loads, AC electronic loads, digital power meters and automatic test systems ideal for input / output terminal tests and dynamic simulation.


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COMSOL, engineering software for multiphysics modeling


The COMSOL Group provides software solutions for multiphysics modeling in the engineering field. COMSOL is a technologically advanced software house, founded in July 1986 in Stockholm, Sweden, which has grown over the years to include offices in Brazil, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, India, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and today it has a staff of 460 people.

COMSOL Multiphysics® is a simulation software that allows you to model projects, devices and processes in every technological field, from industry to research.In addition to using multiphysics modeling for projects, with COMSOL Multiphysics® it is possible to transform models into simulation apps or digital twins and make them available to the design team, production departments, test laboratories, customers, etc.You can use the platform produced alone, or expand it with any combination of additional modules, to perform simulations in different areas: electromagnetism, structural mechanics, acoustics, fluid dynamics, heat exchange, and chemical engineering.

“Our customers – states the company – are researchers and designers who work for leading companies in different sectors, research laboratories, and universities. Our tools allow them to design and develop better products. Our users make our cars and ours safer and more energy efficient airplanes, improve the reception of our cell phones, seek new energy resources, explore the universe, develop medical devices that allow more accurate diagnosis and educate future generations of scientists and technicians. “


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Collaboration with VAIELETTRICO, the news portal of electric mobility

ZEROEMISSION 2020 is pleased to announce the collaboration agreement with VAIELETTRICO.IT, the national news portal of electric mobility.

VAIELETTRICO gathers the ELECTRIC MOBILITY COMMUNITY IN ITALY, and stems from the consideration that the world of mobility is undergoing a radical transformation: the need to have ecological means, especially in cities, has pushed manufacturers to accelerate the production of electric vehicles.
Not only cars, but also bicycles, scooters, delivery trucks, buses, boats. VAIELETTRICO provides correct information, addressed to both the general public and professionals, can allow you to better take on an exciting challenge, which is both ethical and technological.

The collaboration envisaged by the agreement between at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020 and VAIELETTRICO is expressed in the joint organization of conferences dedicated to the electric mobility sector.

Here is the provisional program of the sessions scheduled for 6-7 May 2020 at Piacenza Expo-Italy:

Domestic and condominium recharge
The public charging infrastructure
The electric car industry in Italy
Shared electric mobility: cars, scooters, and bike sharing



Soon the detailed program… Stay tuned!

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washington mills

WASHINGTON MILLS, leader in the production of silicon carbide for multiple technological applications

Washington Mills, a leading US company in the production of silicon carbide, will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD ZEROEMISSION 2020, together with Premix Srl, which represents it in Italy.

Founded in 1868, the American company in the early 21st century, seeing the opportunity to expand its silicon carbide products, acquired The Exolon Company. In 2003, it further expanded its silicon carbide capacity with the acquisition of Orkla Exolon in Norway in 2004, adding another source of crude silicon carbide, with advanced microgrit technology as well as new production capacity. In 2006, Washington Mills completed the construction of a state-of-the-art microgrit processing plant in Norway. Equipped with the most modern equipment and technologies, the new plant has the advanced ability to produce high quality micro-granules and sub-micron powders.

Washington Mills has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings: today it employs approximately 600 employees, serves thousands of customers worldwide and represents one of the largest producers of molten minerals in the world. Thanks to its commitment in the sector and its objectives of internal growth and strategic acquisitions, Washington Mills offers – states the company – the widest selection of electro-cast abrasives and special minerals available on the market today.


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Imerys Graphite & Carbon

IMERYS GRAPHITE & CARBON, world leader in the supply of graphite and carbon

Imerys Graphite & Carbon, a world leader in the supply of products with high technological content and high performance based on graphite and carbon, will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD ZEROEMISSION 2020, together with Premix Srl which represents it in Italy.

Imerys Graphite & Carbon, is based in Switzerland, in the Canton of Ticino, and in addition to the transformation plants in Switzerland, Belgium, and Canada, it owns a natural graphite mine in Canada and includes Research and Development centers in Switzerland and Japan.

Due to the foundation of the first production site in Switzerland in 1908, Imerys Graphite & Carbon can boast a long and consolidated tradition in offering carbon-based products and conductive carbon black for the production of batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells.

Supported by an international professional team of over 450 people, Imerys Graphite & Carbon produces and markets a wide range of synthetic and natural graphite powders, conductive carbon black, and high quality aqueous dispersions. The high performance of its products guarantees Imerys Graphite & Carbon a leading position in various application sectors: mobile energy, batteries, engineering products, additives for polymers, metallurgy, and refractories.


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YOU BAT provides the entire battery production process

Also You Bat Srl will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.

You Bat Srl, a company based in Grugliasco, in the province of Turin-Italy, was born from the experience and know-how acquired over a forty-year activity in the field of lead battery construction.

The activity includes not only the direct production, or through partner companies, of electrical accumulators of any type for any application, but also a collaboration in the study and implementation of engineering projects concerning process technologies related to the entire production cycle and recycling of batteries.

In fact, You Bat works in the design, construction and start-up of industrial plants for the production of electric accumulators.

The company’s know-how refers to all the production processes of the batteries, starting from the processing phase of the raw materials, to the construction of the batteries themselves, including the activities necessary for the recovery and recycling of exhausted accumulators.

You Bat supplies machinery, complete systems (including staff training), and all the services necessary for the construction and start-up of production sites for the construction of electric accumulators.


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fondazione bruno kessler

BRUNO KESSLER FOUNDATION, top in Europe for research

It is based in the province of Trento-Italy and is the result of a history spanning more than half a century, which has resulted in the creation of 2 scientific centers, one dedicated to technologies and innovation and one to human and social sciences, 7 research centers and more than 400 researchers: Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) aims to achieve excellent results in the scientific and technological field with particular regard to interdisciplinary approaches and the application dimension.

Also Bruno Kessler Foundation will exhibit at ZEROEMISSION 2020.

Top research body in Italy, ranked 1st for scientific excellence in 3 different thematic areas (ICT, History and Sociology) and for the economic and social impact according to ANVUR results of the evaluation of the quality of research for 2010-2014 period, the Bruno Kessler Foundation is a non-profit public interest research body.

This happens – according to FBK – thanks to the constant attention towards collaborations and exchange activities with research institutions, institutional and business, national and international, which expand its capacity for innovation and involve the community and the local economy in the circulation of knowledge and technologies.

Since July 2018 FBK is also part of:

  • of the new National Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems (AIIS)  which gathers over 600 Italian researchers from 40 universities and the main research centers, such as FBK, the National Research Council (CNR) and the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)
  • of CLAIRE, Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe, European initiative on artificial intelligence that has over 1800 supporters.


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ELECTRIC CARS, an external area for test drives at ZeroEmission 2020

In addition to being able to visit the numerous stands in the pavilions of the fair and its 5 thematic shows, during EV WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020, it will be possible to meet the manufacturers of the electric vehicles on display and the technology suppliers (charging stations, wall boxes, equipment for electric vehicles, etc.) present in the halls, and directly test the electric vehicles (electric cars but not only) in the ELECTRIC CARS test drive area specially set up outside, in the large parking area of Piacenza Expo-Italy which, for the occasion, will become a real racetrack.
The recent news that in the Piacenza Expo fairgrounds charging stations for electric vehicles will also be installed, will facilitate the task for exhibitors of test-test vehicles.

Numerous national and international companies are already joining the initiative, to allow the thousands of visitors of ZeroEmission 2020 to test “new” on the field not only cars, but also motorcycles, industrial, commercial, and special vehicles, etc.
And not only… electric. It will also be possible to try e-bikes, but fuel cells e-bikes, and much more…
Stay tuned!

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batter fly srl

BATTER FLY Srl, measuring instrumentation and ESD equipment for electronics labs

Also Batter Fly Srl will exhibit at ZEROEMISSION 2020

Batter Fly Srl is a Calderara di Reno company in the province of Bologna-Italy, founded in 2002, and specialized in the sale of bench and portable measuring instruments, thermal imaging cameras and ESD equipment for electronics, welding, and rework laboratories.
The name is given by the combination of two words: “Batter”, which refers to the battery analyzer known as the first product that the company has started marketing, and “Fly”, which represents a young team of people who take flight, hence “Batter Fly”.

From 2002 to 2011, Batter Fly grew by selling battery analysis tools and wireless analyzers such as Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM / GPRS / UMTS approaching all the companies that integrate these technologies into their devices in the areas of assistance, research, development, and production. With the sale of tools, Batter Fly offers a complete range of ESD products for the creation of work areas that require particular attention in the management of electronic components and boards such as technical assistance centers for mobile phones and electronic production lines.

In 2011 Batter Fly acquired EMA s.r.l. a company well known for distributing test equipment.
EMA is highly recognized for its commercial profile and was one of the first companies in Italy to market infrared cameras.
Batter Fly Srl is present on the web with a well-stocked online store, data sheets, PDF manuals, and YouTube video reviews.


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colonnine di ricarica be charge

EV charging stations arriving at Piacenza Expo

In the coming months, Piacenza Expo – the fairground which will host EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020, will also have charging stations for electric vehicles.

In fact, following the procedure activated last June and the presentation of the project proposals by parts of economic operators, the Municipality of Piacenza has identified, after a comparison action, the Be Charge company of Milan to install the new charging stations for electricity-powered vehicles. Thirty-seven points planned, spread over 16 car parks and city areas, from via Atleti Azzurri d’Italia to via Maculani, from the Garilli stadium to Piacenza Expo.

For the purposes of preparing the ranking – established by the Municipality – the operator’s experience, the quality of the project, the expected recharging points, and the energy used were previously assessed. The Municipality – stated within the executive determination – has identified Be Charge as a suitable competitor to enter into a special agreement for the installation and management of the infrastructure network.

“Electric mobility – reads the reasons for the provision – has a decisive role in the reduction of polluting emissions, so much so that over the years a series of rules and directives have been issued, both at European and national level, aimed at encouraging the construction of infrastructure networks for charging electric vehicles ”.

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premix srl

PREMIX, inorganic raw materials for battery production

Also Premix Srl will exhibit at  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020..

Premix Srl, a Milan-based company, operates as an agent and distributor of inorganic raw materials for industrial production in various sectors: batteries, rubber and plastic, refractories, brakes and clutches, abrasives, lubricants, electrochemistry and technical ceramics.

Premix Srl started its activity in December 1993 after the closure of LONZA Italia Spa, sales office of the Inorganic Chemistry Department of the A-L Alusuisse-Lonza Group, at the time composed by Martinswerk GmbH, Lonza Werke GmbH and Lonza Graphite & Technology. The company therefore inherited the experience, the consolidated presence in different sectors of the raw materials market and a deep technical knowledge, highly appreciated by customers.

Premix provides specialized technical support to all its customers, also thanks to the collaboration of the Research and Development divisions of the companies represented, and also deals with the research of raw materials for customers, ensuring a qualified storage service.


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DBA, one of the largest national battery distributors

Also DBA Srl will exhibit at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.

Distribuzione Batterie Autoricambi, DBA Srl, was founded in 1996 following the experience gained by the Macchi Alessandro Ricambi Auto company, in the town of San Macario, in the province of Varese-Italy, back in 1979, with the aim of guaranteeing and developing the distribution of batteries of all types and for any use.
Over the years the passion and the desire to always be at the forefront from every point of view – says the company – have led DBA Srl to be one of the largest distributors in the national territory where it markets its products (UPS batteries, Deep Cycle, Gel, Moto and Starter) with the ONE7 brand. To date, it also owns 50% of the company Battery Point Srl, a distribution chain currently present in Dormelletto (NO) and Villadossola (VB) both in Italy. DBA Srl can count on highly specialized staff firmly led by Macchi Alessandro who has enabled its success based on knowledge and constant attention to the changing needs of the customer.


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TRIENERGIA, photovoltaic modules Made in Italy

Also Trienergia Srl, based in Mantua-Italy, will be present at SOLAR+  ZEROEMISSION 2020.
Trienergia produces innovative photovoltaic modules, with an unmistakable design such as the Trienergia System model. The company’s goal is to provide “Made in Italy” energy solutions at the forefront.

Photovoltaic panels are produced entirely in Italy, in the new factory in the province of Mantua, using only top quality components, mainly from the EU. The production line is fully automated and has an annual production capacity of 24MW. The modules are available on sale for immediate delivery.

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COENERGIA, distribution and sale of leading photovoltaic brands, storage, and e-mobility

Also Coenergia Srl will exhibit at SOLAR+ / ZEROEMISSION 2020.

Coenergia, based in Mantua-Italy, is a leading company in the renewable energy, storage and e-mobility sector and this result has been achieved – according to the company – also thanks to the passion and sensitivity towards environmental issues. This is not a recent interest, but a value born together with the company itself more than 10 years ago.

Every year Coenergia invests in business improvement, both in structural terms and in company habits, with particular attention to the environment.

Coenergia was born to meet the ever-increasing demand and search for technical support by designers and installers in the PV, thermal, and building sector. To do this, it makes use of the experience gained in the field by its founders who have thus decided to continue contributing to an ever greater diffusion of the eco-compatible energy philosophy.

Coenergia deals with the distribution and sale of leading brands of photovoltaic material and technologies, thermal and thermodynamic products, air conditioning and heating, smart technologies, e-mobility, lighting products and energy-saving appliances.


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BDF Digital, 50 years of technological excellence in electric converters, storage systems and numerical controls

Also BDF Digital will exhibit at INVERTER WORLD – BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.
BDF Digital is a company of BDF Industries S.p.a, an international Group based in Vicenza-Italy founded in 1906, leader in the glass engineering, renewable energy, and industrial automation sector, today recognized worldwide as one of the top four major suppliers of engineering solutions and equipment for hollow glass.
With the aim of offering integrated and increasingly innovative solutions, BDF Digital was born in 2017 thanks to the merger of TDE MACNO and ECS, two companies that boast 50 years of history and technological excellence in the sectors of Electric Converters, Automation Systems and Numerical Controls.

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MASTERDRONE, at the service of photovoltaics

Also Masterdrone, a Milan-based company specialized in drones, aerial surveys and filming, will exhibit at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020..

Masterdrone is able to perform thermographic analyzes that allow, through special cameras equipped with infrared sensors, to acquire images that show the thermal value of the object being framed, a technique used in particular on photovoltaic modules to verify its proper functioning.
Given the extension of a photovoltaic system, and given the increasing need to improve production performance, Masterdrone thermographic devices have been joined to the use of the APR, better known as drones.

All this has led to the creation of a multidisciplinary technical figure within Masterdrone that uses different skills to carry out the inspection and evaluation of the performance status of photovoltaic modules.
Masterdrone also developed a semi-automated method to make the analysis even more precise and faster. The technique is based on the creation of missions for the automatic flight of drones on the analysis site, which are then stored in a database in order to be available for subsequent inspection. The inspection is always carried out by professional technicians who have acquired the flight license using drones and certified thermographic equipment produced by leading brands in the sector.


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Politecnico di Milano Polo Territoriale di Piacenza

POLYTHECNIC OF MILAN, the Territorial Pole of Piacenza

The Polythecnic of Milan (POLIMI) represents one of the most prestigious universities in Italy and one of the most recognized at European level in the scientific and technological field. The Polimi Department of Energy is a partner of  ZEROEMISSION 2020, and coordinates the Scientific Committee with RSE-Research on Energy System, and will exhibit at the fair with its own stand.

The Polythecnic of Milan has a branch in Piacenza, the Piacenza Territorial Center. Piacenza is the city where  ZEROEMISSION 2020 will be held. There are 5 Degree Courses offered by the Polytechnic of Milan Piacenza Pole:


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ALLdata, seven Business Units to enhance customer competitiveness

There are seven Business Units of ALLdata, a company based in Milan and Rome, founded in 1980 to provide the customer with the right solution to enhance its competitiveness.

Also ALLdata will exhibit at at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020..

AC/DC Power, T&M Instrumentation, Metrology, Production, ATE, Data Acquisition, Tools, here are the Business Units in which the company operates: the list of houses marketed and supported is made up of leading companies in their sector, able to offer cutting-edge technological solutions. And here are the services provided:

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TRIATECH, the best products for energy storage

Also Triatech, based in Milan-Italy, will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.. The company Triatech Srl was born from the initiative of three partners (from which the number three in the company name), all three with at least twenty years of experience in the corporate and consulting fields, having held managerial roles in different sectors of activity and developed skills in all the main corporate functions. Thanks to this wide range of knowledge and skills, Triatech aims to provide the best products for energy storage according to the needs of its customers, providing ICT consultancy services, transport, logistics, goods handling, collection of exhausted batteries.

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NEFAB Italia, partner of battery manufacturers

Nefab AB, based in Sweden with offices worldwide,  is a partner of leading companies in the highly specialized sector of batteries and storage systems for the supply of complete packaging solutions.

Also Nefab Italia will exhibit at  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020..

Nefab solutions are optimized on the basis of the product specifications and allow to reduce costs on the entire logistic chain.
The reduction of total costs is the primary need of industrial companies: Nefab develops and manufactures packaging solutions for the battery industry with this specific objective, respecting high quality standards, interpreting the real needs of the customer, thanks to decades of experience in the design of packaging solutions, providing a capillary system of local services, production and warehouses and cooperating with leading companies in the world of packaging at an international level.

Nefab is a multinational leader in the industrial packaging sector, specializing in complete solutions that reduce total logistics costs and environmental impact. Nefab also offers the guarantee of an ISO 9001: 2015 certified supplier by TUV, able to offer a safe product and efficient service.
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BATTERY WORLD 2020 grows with new contents and collaborations

The exhibition-conference  BATTERY WORLD 2020 – ZEROEMISSION 20206‐7 May 2020 at Piacenza Expo-Italy, grows and becomes the event not to be missed for the whole business world engaged in the development of innovative technologies, products, and services of the industrial chain of batteries and storage systems, from materials, components, , to finished products, to equipment and lines for the production of cells and batteries, accessories, software, services, etc.

The event can count on the prestigious technical-scientific contribution of RSE – Research on the Energy System and of the POLYTECHNIC OF MILAN – Department of Energy, with which the organizers are developing a top-level conference program. Here are some pre-defined themes:

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giakova logo

Also GIAKOVA will exhibit at ZeroEmission 2020

Also Giakova srl will exhibit at  ZEROEMISSION 2020. Giakova was founded in 1992 and immediately focuses on the production and sale of measuring and control instruments for applications in different industrial sectors, analysis of energy consumption, laboratory instruments etc.
Giakova’s characteristics have been from the outset correctness, professionalism, and transparency that still accompany it in the continuous renewal process. To date, it can rely on a structure made up of 11 collaborators, including sales and administrative staff located throughout Italy.

Among the various instruments is the Amprobe EV 500 Series – Test adapter kit for charging stations for electric vehiclesproviding access to the sockets of vehicle charging stations to perform safety and functional tests, simulating the presence of an electric vehicle in order to measure the outputs.

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rossini energy logo

ROSSINI ENERGY, the perfect alliance between renewable energy and electric vehicles

Also Rossini Energy will exhibit at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.
Rossini Energy is a company created by Luca Rossini, associated with the French group InnoVent since 2018 to create the perfect alliance between renewable energy and electric vehicles. The idea was born during the studies in the French School of Engineering Arts et Métiers, in 2015, where the founders realized that in many countries energy storage represents a real opportunity, due to the high cost of electricity and the diffusion of renewable energies.
This is how Rossini Energy was born and launched several innovative solutions.

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Solarnet Envolve Srl

SOLARNET of ENVOLVE, the online service to monitor the photovoltaic system

Also Solarnet of Envolve Srl will exhibit at  ZEROEMISSION 2020.

Solarnet is an online service that allows you to monitor the photovoltaic system through updated data in real time, which can be consulted comfortably from PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Envolve Srl ‘s staff offers a very varied and complete range of IT solutions. Starting from the different experiences in the world of programming and its practical applications on different platforms, Envolve Srl has created a solution that meets the needs of those who deal with photovoltaic systems: Solarnet, a monitoring system for photovoltaic systems but, more generally, for all forms of green energy. The path was tiring but also very stimulating. Currently, however, Envolve Srl can be proud of having created a truly easy and versatile system that aligns itself in terms of cost and quality with the best on the market.

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Polimi Politecnico di Milano

ENERGY DEPARTMENT of Polytechnic of Milan, one of the most authoritative Universities in Europe

More than 350 people, every day, engage in research and teaching activities in the energy sector: they are the Professors, the technical-administrative staff, the Researchers and the PhD students of the Energy Department of the Polythecnic of Milan.
The Department of Energy of the Polytechnic of Milan, in addition to sponsorship and exhibition at the fair, collaborates with ZEROEMISSION 2020 for the organization of conferences.
“At the Department of Energy we consider the world of energy in its complexity, and in its continuous evolution. The subjects of study are the disciplines and technologies related to the production, conversion, transport and use of energy, considering its complex social and environmental implications . ”
“Thanks to the breadth of skills offered by the Department of Energy, the Polythecnic of Milan can boast one of the most authoritative structures in Europe: a reference point for the high level of teaching, primary interlocutor for research, active and proactive partner of Companies, Bodies, Institutions. Nationally and internationally. “

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Il Piacenza

Piacenza promotes a memorandum of understanding to disseminate research and innovation

Networking, research and innovation between institutions, universities and public enterprises operating in the area (Emilia-Romagna Region but also Lombardy Region, thanks to Polytechnic and Catholic Universities based in Piacenza, the city that will host ZEROEMISSION 2020): this is the objective of the biennial memorandum of understanding promoted by the Municipality of Piacenza and signed in the city Hall with ten signatories, the headquarters of the Piacenza Catholic University, the Citizen pole of the Polytechnic of Milan, the Nicolini Conservatory, the Leap Consortium, the Musp Consortium, Rse Spa, Foundation Its, v (Itl) and Art-ER. Basically universities, institutes, and subjects operating in different sectors: from energy, to logistics, to robotics to creative research. A real revolution that will make it possible to put in communication areas of research.

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TAB, at the forefront in the production of car, truck and industrial batteries

Also TAB ITALIA Spa will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.
TAB ITALIA SpA is the Italian subsidiary of TAB D.D. – Slovenian manufacturer of industrial and starter batteries, operating for over 60 years.

TAB ITALIA was born in 2009 as a result of the merger between TAB D.D. and a company in the province of Milan, at the time involved for more than 60 years in the industrial battery sector. The arrival of the new management in 2011 marks the beginning of the current management, characterized by three key points: growth, development and investments. In 2016 the inauguration of the new headquarters in the city of  Zanica (BG) took place, inserted in a strategic context and designed with cutting-edge technology, to reflect the dynamism of the TAB Italia team.


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RSE, Research on the Energy System

Research on the Energy System – RSE S.p.A., in addition to sponsorship and exhibition at the fair, collaborates with at  ZEROEMISSION 2020for the definition of conferences.
The recent history of RSE begins on April 29, 2009, when CESI RICERCA takes on the new name of ENEA – Research on the Electricity System (more briefly ERSE SpA). On 15 July of that year GSE (Electrical Services Manager) acquired 49% of the RSE share capital from CESI. The company’s mission remains the same: to develop research programs in the electro-energy sector, aimed at the entire national electricity system. In 2010 the company passed under the full control of the sole shareholder GSE, assuming the current name of Research on the Energy System – RSE S.p.A.

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IGUS: cables, protection, and automation at the fair

Also igus, a German company, will exhibit at ZEROEMISSION 2020.

Born in 1993, the Italian branch of the igus group continues to grow to offer the best of motion plastics to the whole Peninsula. Thanks to the warehouse, igus Italia with more than 100 collaborators – in the city of Robbiate (LC) headquarters and throughout the national territory – the company offers a capillary service and tailor-made assistance for specific photovoltaic, energy and electric mobility applications, and for special projects.
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H2PLANET, sustainable hydrogen is possible

Also Hydro2Power Srl, leading company in Italy in the production, installation, and distribution of hydrogen fuel cells and other fuels, will exhibit at H2 HYDROGEN & FUEL CELLS ZEROEMISSION 2020 with its H2planet brand.
Hydro2Power Srl is a company born 15 years ago thanks to the support of the Business Accelerator of the Polytechnic of Milan, and is the first company in Italy completely focused on the diffusion of hydrogen and fuel cells technologies, and on the diffusion of the related issues with transversal production activities, engineering and installation, training, and information.
Hydro2Power® is one of the winners of the Start-Cup 2003 award, a competition for technological innovation organized by the Polytechnic Innovation and Business Accelerator.


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Italia Solare

ITALIA SOLARE, the national and international reference association for solar photovoltaics

ITALIA SOLARE, the Association that proposes itself as a national and international reference for sustainable development and energy independence based on the use of clean energy sources with particular reference to photovoltaic solar, sponsors and will exhibit at  ZEROEMISSION 2020.
In particular, ITALIA SOLARE works with
8 working groups on the most important and current issues affecting the photovoltaic industry and operators in Italy.
ITALIA SOLARE represents nearly 800 members offering them a series of useful services, organizing events and training courses, information and awareness campaigns, and proposals to the institutions for the development and implementation of rules and behaviors that facilitate greater diffusion of photovoltaic systems and renewable energies and that protect among other things that it intends to build or has already built a photovoltaic system or other renewable energy systems.


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Be2Hub – Exergy Design Srl

BE2HUB, know-how in batteries and smart metering

With a strategic and operational approach, Be2Hub , base in Lombardy-Italy, allows companies to measure in real time and to optimize the energy consumption of their production and management processes, offering advanced battery development and smart metering technologies and services for all types of energy consumption.

Also Be2Hub will exhibit at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.

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kernel sistemi

KERNEL SISTEMI, electronic components and systems for control and supervision of PV plants

Also Kernel Sistemi s.r.l. will exhibit at ZEROEMISSION 2020.
The company, based in Modena-Italy,  designs, manufactures, and markets electronic components for the automation and control of industrial processes. Innovation is the driving force behind the company.
Kernel provides string controls, PLCs for the control, and supervision of photovoltaic systems, fiber optic converters, energy meters, management software, etc.

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VERCAR 3 MOTO2 – E, a real electric-powered competition bike

Also Vercar will exhibit at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.

Vercar is the Italian manufacturer of MOTO2 – E, a true electric-powered competition motorcycle developed with unprecedented technological solutions, exploiting a power unit interchangeable with the Triumph 3-cylinder endothermic engine.

Vercar s.n.c. was the first Italian company to strongly believe in the development of electric vehicles for competition use. In the last 8 years it has created a real high-performance racing bike on the Yamaha R6 chassis, with which it has participated twice in the TT-ZERO, finishing fifth overall. The bike follows highly distinctive design choices in the field of electric propulsion, which have made it a vehicle not only performing, but also (and above all) exhilarating in driving.


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SIEL inverters for the largest and most innovative photovoltaic system in Colombia

SIEL, leader in the production of inverters and ups, will also be among the exhibitors of INVERTER WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020. In May 2019 the company from Trezzano Rosa, in the province of Milan-Italy, won a tender for the supply of inverters for the Colombian largest and most innovative PV solar park, and one of South America’s major high-power grid-connected networks for the production and sale of energy.

Twelve PS5660 conversion units, each of 5.6 MW and equipped with four 1415 kilowatt inverters capable of working up to 1500 volts in continuous VDC: this is Siel‘s contribution to the 86 megawatt continuous PV system, the largest in Colombia and one of the main worldwide, inaugurated on April 5 in the northern district of Cesar, Colombia, in the presence of the highest local and international authorities.


“It’s called Soleil TLH 1415M, we made it in less than twelve months and on the international scene it is currently the 1500 VDC converter with the best performance certified by an independent third party” comments Glauco Pensini, CSO of the Lombard company. “It is the latest addition to a production conceived, designed, developed, and produced in Italy since 1983, which can be exported all over the world because we install and maintain it through a widespread network of branches and specialized agents”.

Siel is an Italian company certified ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000, bankable, operating worldwide, its products are appraised by external laboratories and certification bodies.

“We are proud to be able to relate to EPC and projects of this caliber, and to provide once again an Italian product made with such cutting-edge features in compliance with the highest quality standards,” says Pensini.

“We consider the market of the Americas to be strategic in the field of renewables, and we have many projects in Colombia,” he concludes.

Today SIEL has more than 2GW of photovoltaic inverters installed and active worldwide.

SIEL will exhibit at INVERTER WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020 to present its latest announcements.


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icape group

ICAPE Group, long experience in the production of printed circuit boards

Also ICAPE Group, based in France, a DIVSYS International group company, will exhibit at ZEROEMISSION 2020.

Since 1999, ICAPE Group has gained long experience in the production of printed circuit boards and customized technical parts produced in China. 1,700 customers rely on the group’s quality services and offerings.

Each month, the ICAPE group delivers 22 million PCBs and 5 million technical parts. In 2018, the ICAPE group achieved a turnover of 125 million euros and aims for 20% growth in 2019.

With its teams of 340 people worldwide and 75 strategic partners in Asia, 25 in printed circuit boards and 50 in technical parts, ICAPE Group offers the best supply solutions. The service office, located in China, is made up of 185 highly qualified employees.

The global commercial organization allows it to be closer to the production plants and to meet the needs in printed circuits and technical parts, with the best quality / price / service ratios.

The ICAPE group recently marked another milestone by joining forces with DIVSYS International, headquartered in Indianapolis, in the United States. DIVSYS brings United States-based technical expertise to PCB and PCBA, combined with a quality control lab and rapid prototyping team to a world-class PCB sales organization, ICAPE Group.


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ENERPOWER, experience at the service of industrial batteries

Also Enerpower company based in Monza-Italy specialized in the supply, installation, and technical assistance services of high quality products in the sector of batteries for industrial applications, special start-up and synergic products such as charging batteries and inverters for plants in the renewable energy sector (solar – wind) – will exhibit at  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2020.

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