EV Electric Vehicles – Technologies and Infrastructures Forum

Conference of production technologies and infrastructure for electric vehicles - HERTZ Room


Other central topics of the World ZeroEmission Conference (WZEC 2021) will be production technologies, products, and infrastructures for electric vehicles.

From powertrain platforms to supercharger and recharging stations, from new power electronics to wall boxes, from opportunities for electric motor manufacturers to new management and control softwares, this conference session will be a concentration of current topics, about technological innovations that are already on the market or on the way very shortly.

As a supplement to the conference, it will be possible to visit the outdoor exhibition area with charging stations in operation, electric cars and other electric vehicles on display, and do a ... test drive trying out the latest news on cars and other electric vehicles on the track specially set up in the Piacenza Expo trade fair center!

The detailed program soon to come... Stay tuned!

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Here is the provisional summary of the main sessions of the World ZeroEmission Conference 2021:


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