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19 September 2019

ENERPOWER, experience at the service of industrial batteries

Also Enerpower company based in Monza-Italy specialized in the supply, installation, and technical assistance services of high quality products in the sector of batteries for industrial applications, special start-up and synergic products such as charging batteries and inverters for plants in the renewable energy sector (solar – wind) – will exhibit at  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

The company organization has gained long experience in the sector and is able to formulate offers and quotes for the most varied types of applications (UPS uninterruptible power supplies, emergency systems, renewable energy, electric vehicles, floor washing machines, forklifts, etc.).
The wide range of products includes, in addition to the most suitable batteries for the various application sectors, other complementary products that place the company in a leading position to offer timely and efficient customer service.

Among its major customers, Enerpower includes very large companies operating in the solar, photovoltaic, wind energy, batteries for electric vehicles and traction vehicles (boats, campers, bicycles, golf-cars, floor cleaners, etc.), and still others in the IT sector, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), plant engineering, and telecommunications.


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