Drones and aerial control of PV plants and other renewable energy plants

Drones and aerial control of pv plants, other renewable energies plants, and technological plants – WRIGHT Room


In this conference session opportunities offered by aerial inspection carried out with drones will be presented and discussed.
Operators of photovoltaic plants, and of other technological plants, are required to periodically carry out the operations and controls necessary to guarantee the full efficiency of their systems. A duty that becomes even more binding in cases where plants benefit the incentives (example feed-in-tariffs) provided by the National Energy Authority.
To carry out the necessary and mandatory checks on photovoltaic plants, other renewable energy plants (wind, hydroelectric, etc.) and technological plants, an effective tool is the aerial inspections with drones and in thermographic inspections and recordings that can be made with this type of highly technological aircraft, equipped for reach even the most difficult places to reach.
The topic of flight autonomy will also be discussed, with the competition taking place between lithium batteries and fuel cells, which today seem to offer the most performing solution in terms of longest flight time.

Prof. Sonia Leva and Eng. Francesco Grimaccia – Polythecnic of Milan 

Speakers (in progress)
Eng. Marco Levi – Masterdrone
Eng. Valentina Russo – Studio Errealcubo

The detailed program soon to come … Stay tuned!

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