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FEMAK, leadership in battery distribution

Also Femak Srl will exhibit at  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Femak Srl is a company in Abbiategrasso, in the province of Milan- Italy, which was born from the decennial experience in the field of batteries of the two founding members.

Femak manages and distributes a complete range of products which – states the company – satisfies the highest demands of the market for rechargeable and primary batteries, with specific technical knowledge regarding batteries: Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, Primary Lithium, Lithium Iron, Lithium Polymers, Airtight Lead, for motorcycles, starting, traction and alkaline.

Femak is supplied directly from the best manufacturers, owns a retail store and a technical / production laboratory of the most advanced in Italy (with electro-welding spot welders, charger cabinets, thermal tunnel and test, inspection and control equipment), with the help of a well-stocked warehouse, the company’s strength in acquiring large and small quantities required by customers.

Femak also stands out because it produces and assembles battery packs according to customer specifications, with the ad hoc construction of the same.

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batter fly srl

BATTER FLY Srl, measuring instrumentation and ESD equipment for electronics labs

Also Batter Fly Srl will exhibit at ZEROEMISSION 2021

Batter Fly Srl is a Calderara di Reno company in the province of Bologna-Italy, founded in 2002, and specialized in the sale of bench and portable measuring instruments, thermal imaging cameras and ESD equipment for electronics, welding, and rework laboratories.
The name is given by the combination of two words: “Batter”, which refers to the battery analyzer known as the first product that the company has started marketing, and “Fly”, which represents a young team of people who take flight, hence “Batter Fly”.

From 2002 to 2011, Batter Fly grew by selling battery analysis tools and wireless analyzers such as Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM / GPRS / UMTS approaching all the companies that integrate these technologies into their devices in the areas of assistance, research, development, and production. With the sale of tools, Batter Fly offers a complete range of ESD products for the creation of work areas that require particular attention in the management of electronic components and boards such as technical assistance centers for mobile phones and electronic production lines.

In 2011, Batter Fly acquired EMA s.r.l. a company well known for distributing test equipment.
EMA is highly recognized for its commercial profile and was one of the first companies in Italy to market infrared cameras.
Batter Fly Srl is present on the web with a well-stocked online store, data sheets, PDF manuals, and YouTube video reviews.

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colonnine di ricarica be charge

EV charging stations arriving at Piacenza Expo

In the coming months, Piacenza Expo – the fairground which will host EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021, will also have charging stations for electric vehicles.

In fact, following the procedure activated last June and the presentation of the project proposals by parts of economic operators, the Municipality of Piacenza has identified, after a comparison action, the Be Charge company of Milan to install the new charging stations for electricity-powered vehicles. Thirty-seven points planned, spread over 16 car parks and city areas, from via Atleti Azzurri d’Italia to via Maculani, from the Garilli stadium to Piacenza Expo.

For the purposes of preparing the ranking – established by the Municipality – the operator’s experience, the quality of the project, the expected recharging points, and the energy used were previously assessed. The Municipality – stated within the executive determination – has identified Be Charge as a suitable competitor to enter into a special agreement for the installation and management of the infrastructure network.

“Electric mobility – reads the reasons for the provision – has a decisive role in the reduction of polluting emissions, so much so that over the years a series of rules and directives have been issued, both at European and national level, aimed at encouraging the construction of infrastructure networks for charging electric vehicles ”.

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