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EV.STORE, the intelligent wallbox that measures domestic loads

Also EV.Store from Lorix Srl of Milan-Italy, will exhibit at EV WORLDBATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

EV.Store launched Ev.tre, wall box intelligente on the market, which measures domestic consumption, calculates the maximum energy that can be delivered to the car, eliminates overloads, and measures the energy transferred to the car.

Ev.tre is available in two versions:

  • 6kW monophase 230Vac
  • 18kW Triphase 400Vac

The BASIC model is equipped with a display and three keys for selecting the menu and allows you to set the maximum power and carry out:

automatic refills
delayed top-ups
partial refills

The ESPANSO model is equipped with WiFi, 868MHz radio card. respectively for the connection to the portal and for the connection to the Ev.log home load control system

Measurement of domestic consumption: the measurement of domestic loads is carried out through Ev.log, a compact device that can be installed in a few seconds downstream of the domestic meter.

Eliminates overloads: Ev.tre receives in real time from Ev.log, the energy absorption of the house and regulates the power supplied to the car to always remain within the limits of the available power on the meter.

Ev.tre also definitively solves the problem of bursting of the main switch in the event of overload due to charging the car.

Made in Italy: the design, construction, and prototyping are performed by a competent team in its role within the company. The idea of the startup was born from the desire to improve mobility and encourage green-mobility.

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