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IASELAB, a laboratory for electrical safety tests

IASELAB Srl, a company based in Ferrara-Italy, will also exhibit with FzPro Srl at EV WORLDBATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Iaselab is a laboratory for electrical safety tests, electromagnetic compatibility tests, environmental tests and offers certification services for companies that mainly produce electrical / electronic devices and that need support for compliance with Directives and National Decrees in force.

Today it is essential to present to the market a product that complies with all the essential safety requirements (RES), which complies with the current requirements (example: CE marking) and to guarantee the quality of internal production and sales system (Voluntary trademarks of quality).

Iaselab helps companies that are going to place their products on the national, European and international markets by carrying out tests and regulatory high quality and reliable analysis.


IASELAB Srl is accredited by ACCREDIA (Italian Accreditation Body).

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Security Trust

SECURITY TRUST, a leading company for the security and protection of PV and sensitive systems

Also Security Trust Srl will exhibit at SOLAR+ /  ZEROEMISSION 2021.
Security Trust, of Cellatica, in the province of Brescia-Italy, operates on Italian and European territory and started its strategic path in 2001; after a little more than a decade, it has managed to conquer – states the company – a leadership position in the Italian context, appearing at a peak among the companies that deal with System Integration.

For owners of photovoltaic systems, wind farms, hydroelectric plants, cogeneration plants, and / or other production plants, it is essential to guarantee continuity of operation since without electricity, the entire civil society would stop. Some of the most common risks are intrusions or vandalism that can compromise the production of the plants.

Security in these sensitive places is guaranteed by Security Trust through the design, planning, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of anti-intrusion and robbery alarm systems in compliance with the reference standards CEI 79-3 and CEI EN 50131-1.

For the design of the system, a threat assessment and risk analysis is conducted, which takes into account the cost of any theft or damage, the location where the property is located, the presence or absence of a garrison and the history of previous thefts or threats.

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