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BENDER: measurement, protection and monitoring for electric vehicles, energy and plant engineering

Also Bender GmbH, based in Grünberg, Germany, will exhibit at EV WORLD / BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Bender GmbH & Co. KG – with a branch in Milan-Italy – is a medium-sized family company that operates worldwide, and is a successful pioneer and market leader in the sector of high quality electrical safety products and solutions.

The range of products offered by Bender includes measuring, protection, and monitoring systems for applications in mechanical and plant engineering, electric and hybrid vehicles, energy generation and distribution, renewable energy generation, as well as for buildings technology and a wide range of industrial sectors. Particular attention is paid by the company to solutions for the safety of the power supply in the medical sector.

Bender GmbH & Co. KG is present in over 70 countries with representatives and 15 foreign owned companies. The annual turnover of 135 million euros (2018) is generated by over 900 employees worldwide. About 15 percent of them are active in research and development. Production takes place in two factories in Germany.

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batter fly srl

BATTER FLY Srl, measuring instrumentation and ESD equipment for electronics labs

Also Batter Fly Srl will exhibit at ZEROEMISSION 2021

Batter Fly Srl is a Calderara di Reno company in the province of Bologna-Italy, founded in 2002, and specialized in the sale of bench and portable measuring instruments, thermal imaging cameras and ESD equipment for electronics, welding, and rework laboratories.
The name is given by the combination of two words: “Batter”, which refers to the battery analyzer known as the first product that the company has started marketing, and “Fly”, which represents a young team of people who take flight, hence “Batter Fly”.

From 2002 to 2011, Batter Fly grew by selling battery analysis tools and wireless analyzers such as Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM / GPRS / UMTS approaching all the companies that integrate these technologies into their devices in the areas of assistance, research, development, and production. With the sale of tools, Batter Fly offers a complete range of ESD products for the creation of work areas that require particular attention in the management of electronic components and boards such as technical assistance centers for mobile phones and electronic production lines.

In 2011, Batter Fly acquired EMA s.r.l. a company well known for distributing test equipment.
EMA is highly recognized for its commercial profile and was one of the first companies in Italy to market infrared cameras.
Batter Fly Srl is present on the web with a well-stocked online store, data sheets, PDF manuals, and YouTube video reviews.

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MASTERDRONE, at the service of the photovoltaic industry

Also Masterdrone, a Milan-based company specialized in drones, aerial surveys and filming, will exhibit at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Masterdrone is able to perform thermographic analyzes that allow, through special cameras equipped with infrared sensors, to acquire images that show the thermal value of the object being framed, a technique used in particular on photovoltaic modules to verify its proper functioning.
Given the extension of a photovoltaic system, and given the increasing need to improve production performance, Masterdrone thermographic devices have been joined to the use of the APR, better known as drones.

All this has led to the creation of a multidisciplinary technical figure within Masterdrone that uses different skills to carry out the inspection and evaluation of the performance status of photovoltaic modules.
Masterdrone also developed a semi-automated method to make the analysis even more precise and faster. The technique is based on the creation of missions for the automatic flight of drones on the analysis site, which are then stored in a database in order to be available for subsequent inspection. The inspection is always carried out by professional technicians who have acquired the flight license using drones and certified thermographic equipment produced by leading brands in the sector.

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ALLdata, seven Business Units to enhance customer competitiveness

There are seven Business Units of ALLdata, a company based in Milan and Rome, founded in 1980 to provide the customer with the right solution to enhance its competitiveness.

Also ALLdata will exhibit at at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

AC/DC Power, T&M Instrumentation, Metrology, Production, ATE, Data Acquisition, Tools, here are the Business Units in which the company operates: the list of houses marketed and supported is made up of leading companies in their sector, able to offer cutting-edge technological solutions. And here are the services provided:

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND MAINTENANCE, targeted service for the resolution of technical product problems, either under warranty, under contract, or without. Assistance is also provided on products purchased from third parties but on which, being part of the marketed range, one has the competence to carry out technical interventions.

ENGINEERING CONSULTING, the staff engineers and the numerous qualified partners are a valid reference to face even the most challenging projects.

INSTALLATION AND TRAINING HW&SW, support service, customized according to customer needs, to optimize set-up times and minimize the learning curve.

CUSTOMER CARE, first interface service after purchase, to verify customer satisfaction and, available to meet new needs.

UPDATE, training, users groups, events targeted on the most innovative technologies and applications are organized. News about products and services are published regularly.

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Solarnet Envolve Srl

SOLARNET of ENVOLVE, the online service to monitor the photovoltaic system

Also Solarnet of Envolve Srl will exhibit at  ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Solarnet is an online service that allows you to monitor the photovoltaic system through updated data in real time, which can be consulted comfortably from PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Envolve Srl ‘s staff offers a very varied and complete range of IT solutions. Starting from the different experiences in the world of programming and its practical applications on different platforms, Envolve Srl has created a solution that meets the needs of those who deal with photovoltaic systems: Solarnet, a monitoring system for photovoltaic systems but, more generally, for all forms of green energy. The path was tiring but also very stimulating. Currently, however, Envolve Srl can be proud of having created a truly easy and versatile system that aligns itself in terms of cost and quality with the best on the market.

Solarnet provides a fast and intuitive web interface that allows you to view the production data of your system and each installed inverter at any time. Thanks to the possibility of interfacing with multiple devices (inverters, fiscal meters, solar meters, field panels), it offers all the means to guarantee maximum profitability.

Solarnet allows to intervene in a timely manner in the event of plant shutdown, by sending sms and e-mails in the event of a malfunction, in order to guarantee maximum efficiency over time.

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Be2Hub – Exergy Design Srl

BE2HUB, know-how in batteries and smart metering

With a strategic and operational approach, Be2Hub , base in Lombardy-Italy, allows companies to measure in real time and to optimize the energy consumption of their production and management processes, offering advanced battery development and smart metering technologies and services for all types of energy consumption.

Also Be2Hub will exhibit at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Be2Hub was born from a team of professionals who share an ambitious challenge: to bring order to the “energy chaos” that characterizes the operating context of the Italian company today, helping it to achieve the objectives of energy efficiency.
Be2Hub exclusively distributes the technologies of Enersys and Quallion LLC for Italy, US leaders in the production of primary and secondary lithium ion batteries for various industrial applications.

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kernel sistemi

KERNEL SISTEMI, electronic components and systems for control and supervision of PV plants

Also Kernel Sistemi s.r.l. will exhibit at ZEROEMISSION 2021.
The company, based in Modena-Italy,  designs, manufactures, and markets electronic components for the automation and control of industrial processes. Innovation is the driving force behind the company.
Kernel provides string controls, PLCs for the control, and supervision of photovoltaic systems, fiber optic converters, energy meters, management software, etc.

Always looking for new solutions, Kernel offers the right product also for other industrial sectors: from ceramic machines to food automation and packaging, passing through the automation of textile machines, the dairy industry, industrial automation up to to get to home automation and other particular sectors.
Kernel Sistemi it is equipped with modern devices for the assembly and welding of components, also with SMD technologies, and optical inspection. The entire production cycle is carried out in compliance with the standards and new environmental directives in force. Kernel products are RoHS and RAE compatible and comply with the reporting standards for component recycling.

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