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SOLAX Power Italia

SOLAX POWER, leader in solar inverters and energy storage

Solax Power, through Energy Srl, from Galta di Vigonovo, in the province of Venice, will also exhibit at INVERTER WORLD  / BATTERY WORLD / ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Energy Srl is the exclusive distributor for Italy of Solax Power, a world leader in the development, production and distribution of solar inverters and batteries for energy storage.

The Solax Power product range includes the latest innovations in the solar energy sector thanks to the constant attention to research and development and the constant commitment to innovation: a journey that led to the launch of the innovative inverters hybrid and storage system with batteries.

EuPD Research Sustainable Management GmbH awarded Solax Power the “Top Brand PV STORAGE Italy” award in 2019.

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ENERGY Srl, cutting-edge storage systems for various applications

Energy Srl, from Galta di Vigonovo, in the province of Venice-Italy, will also exhibit at INVERTER WORLD  / BATTERY WORLD / ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Energy Srl, since 2013, offers state-of-the-art storage systems, placing itself as the industry leader with over 6,000 single-phase and over 1,000 three-phase systems already installed. The product range is wide and constantly evolving, covering all the various application segments: residential, commercial / industrial and large plants.

The products offered by Energy Srl can meet all the different needs for the use of energy: self-consumption, peak shaving, off grid, energy community, network services.

The current portfolio of Energy Srl products consists of:

Hybrid single-phase and three-phase inverters,
Single-phase and three-phase string inverters,
Lithium batteries,
Smart batteries.

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COENERGIA, distribution and sale of leading photovoltaic brands, storage, and e-mobility

Also Coenergia Srl will exhibit at SOLAR+ / ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Coenergia, based in Mantua-Italy, is a leading company in the renewable energy, storage and e-mobility sector and this result has been achieved – according to the company – also thanks to the passion and sensitivity towards environmental issues. This is not a recent interest, but a value born together with the company itself more than 10 years ago.

Every year Coenergia invests in business improvement, both in structural terms and in company habits, with particular attention to the environment.

Coenergia was born to meet the ever-increasing demand and search for technical support by designers and installers in the PV, thermal, and building sector. To do this, it makes use of the experience gained in the field by its founders who have thus decided to continue contributing to an ever greater diffusion of the eco-compatible energy philosophy.

Coenergia deals with the distribution and sale of leading brands of photovoltaic material and technologies, thermal and thermodynamic products, air conditioning and heating, smart technologies, e-mobility, lighting products and energy-saving appliances.

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