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AUDI, towards a more sustainable future

Also AUDI, with VOLKSWAGEN and Bossoni Automobili of Piacenza, will exhibit at EV WORLD  – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

With Audi e-tron, a new challenge begins for Audi: achieving global efficiency. When the future of the world we live in is at stake, it becomes urgent to become aware of it, downsizing past wrong behaviors and creating new ones. More ethical, more respectful, more sustainable. Go beyond the product itself, including ecological, economic and social aspects in its development concept. Audi takes this commitment with extreme responsibility, because to be at the forefront of technology it is increasingly essential to have a deep awareness of the impact of its actions.

With Audi e-tron, driving pleasure is combined with everyday practicality: this is Audi e-tron. Come and discover the infinite possibilities of electric mobility in everyday life in Piacenza. The first fully electric Audi model is ready to take the road. Thanks to two electric motors capable of delivering up to 408 HP, the new e-tron guarantees maximum performance in all conditions.

Come and discover all the Audi novelties at the trade fair in Piacenza, Italy: 5-6 May 2021.

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VOLKSWAGEN, a new era of electric mobility begins

Also VOLKSWAGEN, through Bossoni Automobili of Piacenza-Italy, will also exhibit at EV WORLD /  ZEROEMISSION 2021.

With VOLKSWAGEN ID. models, a new era of electric mobility begins: intelligent, innovative and environmentally friendly. And above all: for everyone.

The VOLKSWAGEN ID. range of electric vehicles offers everything the customer expects from the mobility of the future: it is electric, efficient and with zero emissions. It therefore represents a solution for our world that is becoming increasingly dynamic.

Come and discover all the VOLKSWAGEN novelties at the trade fair in Piacenza, Italy, on 5-6 May 2021.

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NISSAN, 2 billion electric kilometers without a single recall

Also NISSAN, through Piemme Car Spa of Piacenza-Italy, will also exhibit at EV WORLD ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Nissan was one of the first automakers to believe in electric propulsion, and today it can well be called a leader in the field of electric vehicles: Nissan battery technology is well proven and has reached 2 billion kilometers without a single recall , declares the company.

Nissan offers 100% electric vehicles with both the New Nissan Leaf -, for passenger transport with E-NV200 EVALIA – for cargo vans with E-NV200 VAN.

With the new 62 kWh battery, Nissan Leaf touches 400 kilometers, and autonomy reaches 528 kilometers in the city.

Come and discover all the Nissan novelties at the trade fair in Piacenza, Italy, on 5-6 May 2021.

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COMSOL, engineering software for multiphysics modeling


The COMSOL Group provides software solutions for multiphysics modeling in the engineering field. COMSOL is a technologically advanced software house, founded in July 1986 in Stockholm, Sweden, which has grown over the years to include offices in Brazil, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, India, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and today it has a staff of 460 people.

COMSOL Multiphysics® is a simulation software that allows you to model projects, devices and processes in every technological field, from industry to research.In addition to using multiphysics modeling for projects, with COMSOL Multiphysics® it is possible to transform models into simulation apps or digital twins and make them available to the design team, production departments, test laboratories, customers, etc.You can use the platform produced alone, or expand it with any combination of additional modules, to perform simulations in different areas: electromagnetism, structural mechanics, acoustics, fluid dynamics, heat exchange, and chemical engineering.

“Our customers – states the company – are researchers and designers who work for leading companies in different sectors, research laboratories, and universities. Our tools allow them to design and develop better products. Our users make our cars and ours safer and more energy efficient airplanes, improve the reception of our cell phones, seek new energy resources, explore the universe, develop medical devices that allow more accurate diagnosis and educate future generations of scientists and technicians. “

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Collaboration with VAIELETTRICO, the news portal of electric mobility

ZEROEMISSION 2021 is pleased to announce the collaboration agreement with VAIELETTRICO.IT, the national news portal of electric mobility.

VAIELETTRICO gathers the ELECTRIC MOBILITY COMMUNITY IN ITALY, and stems from the consideration that the world of mobility is undergoing a radical transformation: the need to have ecological means, especially in cities, has pushed manufacturers to accelerate the production of electric vehicles.
Not only cars, but also bicycles, scooters, delivery trucks, buses, boats. VAIELETTRICO provides correct information, addressed to both the general public and professionals, can allow you to better take on an exciting challenge, which is both ethical and technological.

The collaboration envisaged by the agreement between at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021 and VAIELETTRICO is expressed in the joint organization of conferences dedicated to the electric mobility sector.

Here is the provisional program of the sessions scheduled for 5-6 May 2021. at Piacenza Expo,  Italy:

Domestic and condominium recharge
The public charging infrastructure
The electric car industry in Italy
Shared electric mobility: cars, scooters, and bike sharing



Soon the detailed program… Stay tuned!

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ELECTRIC CARS, an open air area for test drives at ZeroEmission 2021

In addition to being able to visit the numerous stands in the pavilions of the fair and its 5 thematic shows, during EV WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021, it will be possible to meet the manufacturers of the electric vehicles on display and the technology suppliers (charging stations, wall boxes, equipment for electric vehicles, etc.) present in the halls, and directly test the electric vehicles (electric cars but not only) in the ELECTRIC CARS test drive area specially set up outside, in the large parking area of Piacenza Expo-Italy which, for the occasion, will become a real racetrack.
The recent news that in the Piacenza Expo fairgrounds charging stations for electric vehicles will also be installed, will facilitate the task for exhibitors of test-test vehicles.

Numerous national and international companies are already joining the initiative, to allow the thousands of visitors of ZeroEmission 2021 to test “new” on the field not only cars, but also motorcycles, industrial, commercial, and special vehicles, etc.
And not only… electric. It will also be possible to try fuel cells e-bikes, and much more…
Stay tuned!

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