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ELECTRIC CARS, an open air area for test drives at ZeroEmission 2021

In addition to being able to visit the numerous stands in the pavilions of the fair and its 5 thematic shows, during EV WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021, it will be possible to meet the manufacturers of the electric vehicles on display and the technology suppliers (charging stations, wall boxes, equipment for electric vehicles, etc.) present in the halls, and directly test the electric vehicles (electric cars but not only) in the ELECTRIC CARS test drive area specially set up outside, in the large parking area of Piacenza Expo-Italy which, for the occasion, will become a real racetrack.
The recent news that in the Piacenza Expo fairgrounds charging stations for electric vehicles will also be installed, will facilitate the task for exhibitors of test-test vehicles.

Numerous national and international companies are already joining the initiative, to allow the thousands of visitors of ZeroEmission 2021 to test “new” on the field not only cars, but also motorcycles, industrial, commercial, and special vehicles, etc.
And not only… electric. It will also be possible to try fuel cells e-bikes, and much more…
Stay tuned!

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VERCAR 3 MOTO2-E, a real electric-powered competition bike

Also Vercar will exhibit at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Vercar is the Italian manufacturer of MOTO2 – E, a true electric-powered competition motorcycle developed with unprecedented technological solutions, exploiting a power unit interchangeable with the Triumph 3-cylinder endothermic engine.

Vercar s.n.c. was the first Italian company to strongly believe in the development of electric vehicles for competition use. In the last 8 years it has created a real high-performance racing bike on the Yamaha R6 chassis, with which it has participated twice in the TT-ZERO, finishing fifth overall. The bike follows highly distinctive design choices in the field of electric propulsion, which have made it a vehicle not only performing, but also (and above all) exhilarating in driving.

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