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LCE Srl – UniCarriers Group

L.C.E., UniCarriers forklifts, regeneration of used batteries and quality chargers

Also L.C.E. Srl, from Bologna-Italy, will also exhibit at EV WORLD – BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

In 1997, Gian Piero Sarti and Leandro Lorenzini founded L.C.E. Srl (Logistics and Forklifts) following the marketing of forklifts.

L.C.E.. Srl distributes UniCarriers Group in Italy, a company that was born in Japan in 2012 from the merger of Nissan Forklift (which already includes the Atlet brand) with the Japanese trolley manufacturer TCM (of Hitachi Corp Ltd) and with INCJ (Japanese financial company that has mission: popularization in the world of Japanese industrial production) with headquarters in Tokyo and branches worldwide, and the hub for Europe in Mölnlycke, near Gothenburg, Sweden.

Today L.C.E. is able to offer directly or through its own sales network the widest possibility of solutions to meet every need for handling goods and materials.

L.C.E. however, it has a spare parts warehouse of the best brands constantly supplied, for all types of forklifts and indoor machines.

As for batteries, which represent the main component of electronic forklift trucks, L.C.E. is available to assist the customer in choosing the best battery for the forklift in relation to the application to which it will work and the work cycles it will face, to meet all requests for assistance and maintenance.

L.C.E. it also provides a used battery regeneration service, which brings a life-saving battery back to life, and advice on choosing a quality charger, which can lead to savings of up to 30% of electricity.

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ELTEC, a complete range of primary and secondary batteries, assembly and design

Also Eltec Srl, based in Carasco, in the province of Genua-Italy, will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD –  ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Founded in 1993, over the years Eltec has taken on ever more decisive specialization in the field of battery design and production, finding – says the company – a broad and positive response in all applications where an autonomous power source is needed.

By making use of exclusive distribution agreements with world leading producers of primary and secondary batteries, Eltec is currently able to offer a complete range of accumulators and primary batteries which, together with the acquired “know-how”, guarantee the achievement of adequate solutions also in the more demanding applications.

The undisputed quality of the products offered, combined with an effective and constant search for Custom Design solutions, are the key to the success and satisfaction that the company has shared with thousands of customers over the years, becoming a reference company at national level in a sector in which constant evolution like that of batteries.

Eltec therefore offers a whole series of products and services for the sector: primary batteries, secondary batteries (rechargeable), battery chargers, battery design, assembly of standard and special batteries, PCM and BMS.

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ELEKTROSISTEM, electronic controls for the management of electric motors and chargers

Elektrosistem Srl, from Cento, in the province of Ferrara-Italy, will also exhibit at EV WORLD / BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Since 1979, Elektrosistem has offered the design, production, sale and assistance of electronic controls for the management of DC and AC motors.

Technology, innovation and experience of the company are at the service of some of the most important industrial sectors: industrial and civil electric vehicles, batteries, logistics, handling, industrial cleaning and automation.

The fields of application – says the company – are manifold; mainly forklifts, transpallets, railway and airport tractors, scrubbers and sweepers, mobile cranes and aerial platforms, stairlifts and vehicles supporting the disabled, agricultural wagons and golf cars. In addition, the wide range of ecological vehicles that are allowed to circulate on the road: cars, buses, mopeds and bicycles.

The range of products offered by Elektrosistem has constantly increased over time. The company completely realizes internally, using an effective network of operating partners, a complete range of electronic controls capable of managing and parameterizing the functions and dynamics of any type of battery-powered electric motor; permanent magnet, series excitation, separate excitation, asynchronous.
The common thread to each control is the provision of indispensable design standards, such as the complete management of the functions by microprocessor and the consequent possibility for customers to customize the dynamics of the electric motor, high frequency, the recovery of the kinetic energy produced in order to maximize the efficiency of the engine, optimizing its performance, reducing energy losses and increasing the time of use of the application.

Complete and enrich the product offer, Elektrosistem offers a wide range of parts and accessories thanks to which the company can provide the customer with the complete equipment for the required application, such as remote control switches, dashboards, status indicators battery charge, DC-DC power supplies, battery charger, pedals, control heads, accelerators, flashing lights and buzzers.

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GYS, design and production of battery maintenance equipment

GYS, a company based in France, will also exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Founded in 1964, GYS is a family-owned company, present in 120 countries and with over 650 employees worldwide. Built around continuous investments in research and development and acquisition of knowledge, the company is today a major player in the design and production of battery chargers, welding machines and equipment for the repair of cars.

GYS designs and manufactures equipment for battery maintenance manufactured in two factories in France, and offers an extremely wide range of products. More than 50 years of production have consolidated the reputation of the GYS brand worldwide.

With over 60 engineers skilled in multiple specialties (electronics, mechanics, etc.), the GYS R&D department offers continuous innovation for high-tech products. In 2014, GYS made a major investment by opening a new research center to provide the best resources for researchers to continue developing innovative solutions and improvements.

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FZPRO, power electronics and electronic design

Also FzPro Srl will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD ZEROEMISSION 2021.

FzPro Srl, a company based in Ferrara-Italy, is made up of a team of designers and engineers specialized in the power electronics sector, and also has many years of experience in the analog electronics sector and in digital electronic design.

The company is able to offer consultancy during the design phase, with particular attention to the regulatory sphere, but not only. The company also specializes in interpreting the customer’s ideas by making the product complete with all the necessary certifications for placing on the market.

FzPro is Microchip Authorized Design Partner in the writing of firmware and software for Windows, Apps for the iOS system, and more.

FzPro produces EMU01, an acronym for Energy Management Unit, an electronic board designed to manage the energy supplied by the primary batteries installed on electric traction machines. This board performs various functions, including that of recording data relating to the management of the energy of the primary batteries throughout the life of the machine itself, both in the discharge phase and in the charge phase. This data can then be stored on a PC for a qualitative analysis of the system.

FzPro also produces the UBC151 card, universal battery charger for lithium and lead batteries.

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EV.STORE, the intelligent wallbox that measures domestic loads

Also EV.Store from Lorix Srl of Milan-Italy, will exhibit at EV WORLDBATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

EV.Store launched Ev.tre, wall box intelligente on the market, which measures domestic consumption, calculates the maximum energy that can be delivered to the car, eliminates overloads, and measures the energy transferred to the car.

Ev.tre is available in two versions:

  • 6kW monophase 230Vac
  • 18kW Triphase 400Vac

The BASIC model is equipped with a display and three keys for selecting the menu and allows you to set the maximum power and carry out:

automatic refills
delayed top-ups
partial refills

The ESPANSO model is equipped with WiFi, 868MHz radio card. respectively for the connection to the portal and for the connection to the Ev.log home load control system

Measurement of domestic consumption: the measurement of domestic loads is carried out through Ev.log, a compact device that can be installed in a few seconds downstream of the domestic meter.

Eliminates overloads: Ev.tre receives in real time from Ev.log, the energy absorption of the house and regulates the power supplied to the car to always remain within the limits of the available power on the meter.

Ev.tre also definitively solves the problem of bursting of the main switch in the event of overload due to charging the car.

Made in Italy: the design, construction, and prototyping are performed by a competent team in its role within the company. The idea of the startup was born from the desire to improve mobility and encourage green-mobility.

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