Battery World product breakdown

The Battery World 2021 Product Breakdown

Accessories and equipment
Amalgam machines, mixers
Assembly of battery packs
Associations, institutions and organizations
Automatic filling systems
Automatic screwing systems for caps
Automotive finishing lines
Bagging machines / packaging machines
Battery discharge equipment
Battery recycling plants
Battery terminals
Belts for grid casting machines
Belts for pasting machines
BMS – Battery Management Systems
Boxes in polypropylene or metal
Cable lugs
Calibration systems
Cast on strap machines
Cells / elements
CEM - Contract Electronics Manufacturers
Certification services
Charge regulators
Chargers, battery chargers
Chemistries for cells and batteries
Climate chambers
Coating and expansion machines
Collection and recycling of exhausted batteries
Composite materials
Connectors, formation cables
Consulting services
Containers for batteries to be recycled
Containers/shelters, cabinets
Control electronics
Cooling tanks
Cooling / temperature management
Curing chambers
Cutting machines
Dilution plants
Distributors / wholesalers / retailers
Dosing valves
Drying ovens
Electrical panels
Electrode plates
Electronic boards and components
Electronic hardware
Electronics and spare parts
EMS – Electronic Manufacturing Services
Engineering and design of batteries and storage systems
EPC contractors for the development of storage systems
EPS – Emergency Power Systems
Filling machines
Glues, adhesives and sealants
Grid casting machines
Heat-sealing machines
Inspection and safety systems
Instrumentation, laboratory instrumentation
Integrated circuits and components
Labelling machines
Lead, lead oxide
Lead-acid batteries
Lead oxide production plants
Lead pumps
Leak test machines
Learning, educational and training
Lid laying machines
Lithium batteries
Loaders for ingots
Low-capacity storage systems for mobile applications (mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.)
Machinery and complete systems for the production and assembly of batteries and storage systems
Machines for melting poles
Machines laying-screwing caps
Magnesium batteries
Management and maintenance services
Media and industry press
Melting furnaces
Metals and alloys
Moulds for grids
Nickel-cadmium batteries
PCB - Printed circuit board manufacturers
Packaging and special packaging for shipping lithium batteries
Pasting paper
Plastics for battery production
Plate curing, cells
Polishing machines for poles
Power electronics for storage systems
Quick discharge test
Raw materials
Redox flow batteries
Regeneration services
Rental service
Reversing machines
Rolling mill plants
Scrap metal trade
Semiconductors, microchips, wafers
Semiconductors, microchips, silicon carbide wafers
Shearing machines for grids
Shipping dangerous material
Short circuit test machines
Silicon, silicon carbide
Simulation software
Sodium-sulfur batteries
Software, firmware, IoT and remote control
Starter cable pliers
Starter cables / jumper cables
Storage systems for residential applications
Storage systems for commercial and industrial applications
Storage systems for utilities and grid operators
Super e ultra-capacitors
Systems for leveling charged batteries
Testing services and verification of conformity
Tests, test equipment, laboratory tests
Thickness gauge for grids
V2G- Vehicle to Grid systems
V2H- Vehicle to Home systems
Vapour extraction and abatement systems
Welding, thermal welding, electro welding machines
Washing tunnel
Wiring cables and connections

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