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Overpack Srl – Certified and UN approved packaging for lithium batteries

Overpack (Milan, Italy) specialists are at your side for any need in the logistic management of your lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries are widely used in everyday life due to their ability to provide excellent performance and long-lasting charge.

They are found in many electrical and electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, signal kits, electronic measuring equipment, electric vehicles and much more.

Depending on whether batteries are shipped individually, packed with or contained in a device, they will be classified differently for transport purposes.

It will also be necessary to follow precise packing and shipping instructions.

The requirements in industry manuals governing the handling of lithium batteries are increasingly restrictive and carriers are obliged to comply strictly with them.

According to their technical characteristics
• the lithium batteries must be packed in cardboard or wooden packaging which are either certified or UN approved;
• the packaging must be correctly marked and/or labelled;
• the shipments, in some cases, must be accompanied by relevant documentation (Transport Document, Imo Multimodal or Shipper declaration).

Overpack has at disposal a wide range of packaging suitable for shipping lithium batteries and complying with all modes of transportation, according to ISO 16104:2003, ICAO/IATA, ADR, RID, IMDG regulations.

Overpack Specialists are at the Customer’s service to design customized packaging solutions suitable to the most varied needs, ensuring competitive prices and short times.

Moreover, the Overpack Technicians accompany the Customer in the preparation of the correct transport documentation and, if requested, can sign it with full assumption of responsibility.

Check that your packaging complies with the regulations and rely on Overpack experience to safely ship your lithium batteries! Click here

SpeciaLith – Advanced Batteries

SPECIALITH – Advanced Batteries, cells and lithium battery packs

SpeciaLith – Advanced Batteries Srl, from Cinisello Balsamo, in the province of Milan, will also exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

SpeciaLith specializes in the supply of lithium cells and battery packs. For cells, it provides single cells, cells with cable and connector, cells with lamellae. For battery packs, it supplies primary and rechargeable batteries, as well as standard, custom and smart designs. Furthermore, it is capable of processing PC protections and BMS protections.

As for the certifications, SpeciaLith offers the main requirements: UN 38.3 for safety in air / ship / truck transport, IEC 62133 – IEC 60086-4 to define safety requirements in portable applications, CB Certificate: for the mutual recognition of certificates of conformity worldwide, CE mark for the Low Voltage Directive, Disposal: 2013/56 / UE (ex 2006/66 / CE): for the disposal of batteries in the European Union, Customs Regulations regulate the import and the free movement of goods in the EU, National Batteries and Accumulators Register, registration required for those who import Batteries and Accumulators into the EU.

SpeciaLith also offers a preferential lane in Customs Practices and no risk of detention in Customs for customers in import or export, and no criminal and civil risk in the event of an explosion or fire accident. Finally, there is no risk for transport and for circulation in Italy and abroad to and from the end customer.

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SOLAX Power Italia

SOLAX POWER, leader in solar inverters and energy storage

Solax Power, through Energy Srl, from Galta di Vigonovo, in the province of Venice, will also exhibit at INVERTER WORLD  / BATTERY WORLD / ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Energy Srl is the exclusive distributor for Italy of Solax Power, a world leader in the development, production and distribution of solar inverters and batteries for energy storage.

The Solax Power product range includes the latest innovations in the solar energy sector thanks to the constant attention to research and development and the constant commitment to innovation: a journey that led to the launch of the innovative inverters hybrid and storage system with batteries.

EuPD Research Sustainable Management GmbH awarded Solax Power the “Top Brand PV STORAGE Italy” award in 2019.

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RAVIOLI Spa, connectors and contactors for renewables and electric mobility

Ravioli Spa, from Milan, will also exhibit at EV WORLD –  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Ravioli Spa, founded in 1926 in Milan by Umberto Ravioli, begins its activity of building electromechanical devices. In the eighties, in order to satisfy the multiple needs of the two macro application sectors in which it operates, Ravioli Spa began the production of DIN connectors for Europe, DC contactors for the industrial electric traction sector and industrial safety radio controls, for the lifting sector.

In 2010, in line with its creed and in relation to the drafting of the Code of Ethics which took place in 2009, Ravioli Spa establishes the “Green E-Motion” Project. The result of the combination of technological avant-garde and eco-sustainable awareness, Green E-Motion is based on the study, design and production of products aimed at supporting the production of photovoltaic and wind renewable energies, as well as products for eco-sustainable mobility on electric vehicles. Ravioli becomes an EWEA (European Wind Energy Association) member and participates in the “Confindustria for Sustainability” project.

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ENERGY Srl, cutting-edge storage systems for various applications

Energy Srl, from Galta di Vigonovo, in the province of Venice-Italy, will also exhibit at INVERTER WORLD  / BATTERY WORLD / ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Energy Srl, since 2013, offers state-of-the-art storage systems, placing itself as the industry leader with over 6,000 single-phase and over 1,000 three-phase systems already installed. The product range is wide and constantly evolving, covering all the various application segments: residential, commercial / industrial and large plants.

The products offered by Energy Srl can meet all the different needs for the use of energy: self-consumption, peak shaving, off grid, energy community, network services.

The current portfolio of Energy Srl products consists of:

Hybrid single-phase and three-phase inverters,
Single-phase and three-phase string inverters,
Lithium batteries,
Smart batteries.

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AUDI, towards a more sustainable future

Also AUDI, with VOLKSWAGEN and Bossoni Automobili of Piacenza, will exhibit at EV WORLD  – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

With Audi e-tron, a new challenge begins for Audi: achieving global efficiency. When the future of the world we live in is at stake, it becomes urgent to become aware of it, downsizing past wrong behaviors and creating new ones. More ethical, more respectful, more sustainable. Go beyond the product itself, including ecological, economic and social aspects in its development concept. Audi takes this commitment with extreme responsibility, because to be at the forefront of technology it is increasingly essential to have a deep awareness of the impact of its actions.

With Audi e-tron, driving pleasure is combined with everyday practicality: this is Audi e-tron. Come and discover the infinite possibilities of electric mobility in everyday life in Piacenza. The first fully electric Audi model is ready to take the road. Thanks to two electric motors capable of delivering up to 408 HP, the new e-tron guarantees maximum performance in all conditions.

Come and discover all the Audi novelties at the trade fair in Piacenza, Italy: 5-6 May 2021.

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FLIR System, the global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of thermal imaging infrared cameras

Also FLIR System Italy, based in Limbiate/Milan, will exhibit – in cooperation with Giakova and Batter Fly – at  ZEROEMISSION 2021.

FLIR was established in 1978 to pioneer the development of high-performance, low-cost infrared (thermal) imaging systems for airborne applications. Thermal imaging systems detect the infrared energy (heat) that is emitted by all people, objects and materials.

Toward the end of the 1980s, FLIR began to leverage its experience in infrared imaging technology to develop hand-held and laboratory systems for a variety of commercial applications that required not only superior image quality, but also the ability to detect and measure temperature differences. This effort accelerated with the acquisition of the industrial infrared imaging group from the Hughes Aircraft Co. in 1990.

The acquisition of Agema (Sweden) in 1998 and of Inframetrics (Boston, MA) in mid-1999 provided FLIR engineering teams and sales and support infrastructure that accelerated FLIR’s success in commercial thermal imaging markets. Together, Agema and Inframetrics represented over 60 years of significant infrared camera development and thermography applications expertise. Agema developed the first commercial infrared scanner, designed for powerline inspections, in 1965, the first battery-operated portable infrared scanner in 1973, the first dual-wavelength system capable of real-time analog recording for R&D markets in 1978, and the first uncooled infrared camera, the Agema 570, and 1997. Inframetrics, also a pioneer in commercial infrared cameras and thermography training, developed the first TV-compatible infrared system in 1975 and the first full-featured camcorder-style focal plane array (FPA) infrared camera in 1995.

In 2003, FLIR acquired Indigo Systems, a leading developer and supplier of a wide range of infrared imaging products, including cooled and uncooled infrared detectors, camera cores, and finished cameras.

Currently, FLIR operates in many locations around the globe and employs a total of over 3,000 dedicated employees.

LCE Srl – UniCarriers Group

L.C.E., UniCarriers forklifts, regeneration of used batteries and quality chargers

Also L.C.E. Srl, from Bologna-Italy, will also exhibit at EV WORLD – BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

In 1997, Gian Piero Sarti and Leandro Lorenzini founded L.C.E. Srl (Logistics and Forklifts) following the marketing of forklifts.

L.C.E.. Srl distributes UniCarriers Group in Italy, a company that was born in Japan in 2012 from the merger of Nissan Forklift (which already includes the Atlet brand) with the Japanese trolley manufacturer TCM (of Hitachi Corp Ltd) and with INCJ (Japanese financial company that has mission: popularization in the world of Japanese industrial production) with headquarters in Tokyo and branches worldwide, and the hub for Europe in Mölnlycke, near Gothenburg, Sweden.

Today L.C.E. is able to offer directly or through its own sales network the widest possibility of solutions to meet every need for handling goods and materials.

L.C.E. however, it has a spare parts warehouse of the best brands constantly supplied, for all types of forklifts and indoor machines.

As for batteries, which represent the main component of electronic forklift trucks, L.C.E. is available to assist the customer in choosing the best battery for the forklift in relation to the application to which it will work and the work cycles it will face, to meet all requests for assistance and maintenance.

L.C.E. it also provides a used battery regeneration service, which brings a life-saving battery back to life, and advice on choosing a quality charger, which can lead to savings of up to 30% of electricity.

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LOGO Alsiter

SEI Sistemi, industrial automation, electronic components, switchboards and electric motors

SEI Sistemi Srl, from Imola-Italy will also exhibit at SOLAR+ / EV WORLD /  ZEROEMISSION 2021.

SEI Sistemi is an established company in the field of industrial automation and operates in most market sectors (cold and hot metal processing, paper and plastic, engine test benches, research centers, renewable energies, cranes, etc.).

SEI Sistemi offers design, consultancy and commissioning services in the field of electrification and automation of systems for the paper and non-paper industry, manufactures electrical panels, electronic components, dcs, electric motors, providing turnkey systems, also deals with “greenfield” projects and supports even very complex “revamping” projects, guaranteeing minimum plant downtimes.

SEI Sistemi offers cutting-edge technology in the industrial electronics sector, guaranteeing a relationship of real partnership with its customers, also projected and especially towards the future. The know-how over the years has grown thanks to the collaboration with the main manufacturers and users of systems and machines for solving the problems of automation, regulation and control of electronic power converters for the control of DC and AC motors.

SEI Sistemi, thanks to important and well-known international partners, has specialized and installed automation systems all over the world.


VOLKSWAGEN, a new era of electric mobility begins

Also VOLKSWAGEN, through Bossoni Automobili of Piacenza-Italy, will also exhibit at EV WORLD /  ZEROEMISSION 2021.

With VOLKSWAGEN ID. models, a new era of electric mobility begins: intelligent, innovative and environmentally friendly. And above all: for everyone.

The VOLKSWAGEN ID. range of electric vehicles offers everything the customer expects from the mobility of the future: it is electric, efficient and with zero emissions. It therefore represents a solution for our world that is becoming increasingly dynamic.

Come and discover all the VOLKSWAGEN novelties at the trade fair in Piacenza, Italy, on 5-6 May 2021.

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