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25 October 2019
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Also GIAKOVA will exhibit at ZeroEmission 2021

Also Giakova srl will exhibit at  ZEROEMISSION 2021. Giakova was founded in 1992 and immediately focuses on the production and sale of measuring and control instruments for applications in different industrial sectors, analysis of energy consumption, laboratory instruments etc.
Giakova’s characteristics have been from the outset correctness, professionalism, and transparency that still accompany it in the continuous renewal process. To date, it can rely on a structure made up of 11 collaborators, including sales and administrative staff located throughout Italy.

Among the various instruments is the Amprobe EV 500 Series – Test adapter kit for charging stations for electric vehiclesproviding access to the sockets of vehicle charging stations to perform safety and functional tests, simulating the presence of an electric vehicle in order to measure the outputs.

The adapter kit allows customers to conduct tests in combination with appropriate test tools such as an installation tester (for example Beha-Amprobe ProInstall Series) and / or Scope Meters (oscilloscope) (for example Fluke 120B Industrial ScopeMeter handheld oscilloscopes). With the adapter kit, the charging stations can be tested according to IEC / EN 61851-1 and IEC / HD 60364-7-722.
The Beha-Amprobe team developed multiple versions of the product to meet country specific requirements (power outlet). Each of the EV-520 kits includes a region-specific test adapter as well as an EVC-20 test cable with a type 2 charging station connector. This connector combines both the “socket” and “fixed cable with vehicle connector” options all in one, which is more universal and easier to use than other solutions currently available on the market.
In addition to the EV-520 kits, Giakova also offers an optional EVC-13 accessory that can be used for Type 1 EV charging stations.


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