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Overpack Srl – Certified and UN approved packaging for lithium batteries

Overpack (Milan, Italy) specialists are at your side for any need in the logistic management of your lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries are widely used in everyday life due to their ability to provide excellent performance and long-lasting charge.

They are found in many electrical and electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, signal kits, electronic measuring equipment, electric vehicles and much more.

Depending on whether batteries are shipped individually, packed with or contained in a device, they will be classified differently for transport purposes.

It will also be necessary to follow precise packing and shipping instructions.

The requirements in industry manuals governing the handling of lithium batteries are increasingly restrictive and carriers are obliged to comply strictly with them.

According to their technical characteristics
• the lithium batteries must be packed in cardboard or wooden packaging which are either certified or UN approved;
• the packaging must be correctly marked and/or labelled;
• the shipments, in some cases, must be accompanied by relevant documentation (Transport Document, Imo Multimodal or Shipper declaration).

Overpack has at disposal a wide range of packaging suitable for shipping lithium batteries and complying with all modes of transportation, according to ISO 16104:2003, ICAO/IATA, ADR, RID, IMDG regulations.

Overpack Specialists are at the Customer’s service to design customized packaging solutions suitable to the most varied needs, ensuring competitive prices and short times.

Moreover, the Overpack Technicians accompany the Customer in the preparation of the correct transport documentation and, if requested, can sign it with full assumption of responsibility.

Check that your packaging complies with the regulations and rely on Overpack experience to safely ship your lithium batteries! Click here

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