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UFLEX, photovoltaic systems, batteries and supercapacitors

Also Uflex Srl, based in Busalla, in the province of Genua-Italy, will exhibit at SOLAR+BATTERY WORLD –  ZEROEMISSION 2021.

UFLEX is the commercial company of Ultraflex Group, that has been active for over 80 years in various sectors: in the nautical sector with the production of driving and motor control systems for boats, in renewable energies with the distribution of innovative solutions both off-grid and on-grid, in civil engineering with a production company of remote control systems for windows and domes, and in automotive industry and agricultural machinery with the production of flexible mechanical systems of remote control.

Each company of the Group has its own production unit as well as a factory in Florida (USA) where are produced some components for the nautical sector specialized for this geographical area.

The UFLEX founded for over 30 years has been dealing with the distribution of components and accessories for boating and energy and for over 20 years the Energy Division has been created specializing in innovative solutions and components in the field of renewable energies. It also has a production unit that manufactures high-end boating and rally steering wheels, as well as having paint lines for carbon fiber components for luxury cars.

After 2 years of research and development, UFLEX built its first hybrid power generation system in 2016, the HyLander, which incorporates an integrated endothermic generator in a single transportable case with an energy storage system to optimize consumption, system which can also be recharged via a photovoltaic system. Today the system is available with lead and supercapacitor storage and in the version without generator as a retrofit application with only supercapacitor storage.

In over twenty years of activity UFLEX has developed a vast and in-depth expertise on all possible solutions for the production of energy from renewable sources and in particular on both photovoltaic and micro-wind off-grid systems, both in Italy and all over the world, continuing the international vocation of the Ultraflex Group.

The experiences made make UFLEX the ideal partner – says the company – for the realization of all those applications where the adoption of storage solutions is required, both made with the most traditional lead batteries of various technology, and made using lithium batteries and especially those based on supercapacitors.

The supercapacitor storage is the latest innovation introduced for about 2 years and that has revolutionized the storage world with performance in terms of duration, guarantee, safety and areas of applicability superior to lithium batteries and more traditional lead batteries .

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NISSAN, 2 billion electric kilometers without a single recall

Also NISSAN, through Piemme Car Spa of Piacenza-Italy, will also exhibit at EV WORLD ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Nissan was one of the first automakers to believe in electric propulsion, and today it can well be called a leader in the field of electric vehicles: Nissan battery technology is well proven and has reached 2 billion kilometers without a single recall , declares the company.

Nissan offers 100% electric vehicles with both the New Nissan Leaf -, for passenger transport with E-NV200 EVALIA – for cargo vans with E-NV200 VAN.

With the new 62 kWh battery, Nissan Leaf touches 400 kilometers, and autonomy reaches 528 kilometers in the city.

Come and discover all the Nissan novelties at the trade fair in Piacenza, Italy, on 5-6 May 2021.

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ELEKTROSISTEM, electronic controls for the management of electric motors and chargers

Elektrosistem Srl, from Cento, in the province of Ferrara-Italy, will also exhibit at EV WORLD / BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Since 1979, Elektrosistem has offered the design, production, sale and assistance of electronic controls for the management of DC and AC motors.

Technology, innovation and experience of the company are at the service of some of the most important industrial sectors: industrial and civil electric vehicles, batteries, logistics, handling, industrial cleaning and automation.

The fields of application – says the company – are manifold; mainly forklifts, transpallets, railway and airport tractors, scrubbers and sweepers, mobile cranes and aerial platforms, stairlifts and vehicles supporting the disabled, agricultural wagons and golf cars. In addition, the wide range of ecological vehicles that are allowed to circulate on the road: cars, buses, mopeds and bicycles.

The range of products offered by Elektrosistem has constantly increased over time. The company completely realizes internally, using an effective network of operating partners, a complete range of electronic controls capable of managing and parameterizing the functions and dynamics of any type of battery-powered electric motor; permanent magnet, series excitation, separate excitation, asynchronous.
The common thread to each control is the provision of indispensable design standards, such as the complete management of the functions by microprocessor and the consequent possibility for customers to customize the dynamics of the electric motor, high frequency, the recovery of the kinetic energy produced in order to maximize the efficiency of the engine, optimizing its performance, reducing energy losses and increasing the time of use of the application.

Complete and enrich the product offer, Elektrosistem offers a wide range of parts and accessories thanks to which the company can provide the customer with the complete equipment for the required application, such as remote control switches, dashboards, status indicators battery charge, DC-DC power supplies, battery charger, pedals, control heads, accelerators, flashing lights and buzzers.

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torri solare

PV modules from TORRI SOLARE, the artisans of photovoltaics

Also Torri Solare will exhibit at SOLAR+ /  ZEROEMISSION 2021.

The origins of the Torri Group date back more than half a century ago, and exactly in 1961 when the Torri family started their business in Quinzano d’Oglio, in the Brescia-Italy Po valley in the foundry sector. In the 1990s, the company aimed to expand the number of services offered in combination with die-cast parts. The first mechanical processing machines are installed. Thus was born in 1999 Torri Technologies, a group company specialized in mechanical machining and finishing of foundry pieces.

Manufacturing business is in the company’s DNA. In the 2000’s, the desire to diversify and enter new sectors was strong, and in the face of a research period in which the University of Brescia was involved, the decision was made to open to the photovoltaic sector. In 2007 the Group invested in the production of photovoltaic modules and started a production line capable of churning out up to 80,000 modules / year. In 2008 Torri Solare is a production company of photovoltaic modules with a wide range of products and formats developed for varying construction site needs. In 2012 he invested in a new product line by filing a patent: the flexible DIAMANTE® series which clearly marks the intention to devote to the development of solutions for special applications with high technical and aesthetic value. In 2015, the Ventilation Box product was added to the DIAMANTE® series, which was chosen for its unique characteristics by various public clients, including 2015 World Expo.

The premises of the group cover an area of ​​15,000 square meters, which include the foundry department, mold maintenance, melting furnaces department, mechanical machining, assembly line of photovoltaic modules, and warehouses. The assembly line of the photovoltaic modules has a production capacity greater than 20 MWp, automatic and with high flexibility that allows the offer of a wide range of products.

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INTILION GmbH, lithium-ion energy storage solutions

Intilion GmbH, part of the HOPPECKE group, will also exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Intilion has been founded in April 2019 and is specialised in the development and delivery of customised lithium-ion energy storage solutions. This also includes – according to the company – the development of advanced business models for industrial applications in the context of energy storage.

INTILION GmbH is spread over two sites in Germany: Zwickau and Paderborn cities.

The company’s focus lies on the following applications:

Stationary, industrial and commercial storage systems, medium to large capacity,

Traction, standardised and customised solutions for industrial traction applications,

and Railway. customised solutions for on-board power and traction applications in the railway sector.

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Siro Batterie

SIRO BATTERIE, quality and maintenance-free lead batteries

Siro Batterie Sas, a company based in Piacenza-Italy, will also exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

The company has been operating in the field of lead-acid batteries for several

decades and is specialized in the development and production of customized energy

storage solutions for industrial applications.

Over the years, Siro Batterie has developed a great experience for both stationary

and electric drive applications of vehicles (such as forklifts, swiping machines, electric

transpallets etc..), especially in the field of logistics, handling and industrial cleaning.

Siro Batterie can offer heavy duty taylor-made solutions for a wide range of

applications. Products come in a variety of different technologies such as: flooded

lead acid batteries, both flat plate or positive tubular plate, and VRLA maintenance

free batteries, both AGM and LEAD GEL type.

Recently, the company has developed specific lithium technology (LiFePo4) products

for storage systems and for industrial traction in order to offer a product that allows

the customer to get a greater working range and a total lifetime up to 2000 full


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HOPPECKE, industrial lithium batteries and energy storage systems

Hoppecke Italia Srl, a company with headquarters in Germany and a branch in Milan, will also exhibit at  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

HOPPECKE Batteries is the largest European-owned manufacturer of industrial battery systems.
Electricity is needed everywhere and in more and more applications. In this world where everything becomes electric, since 1927 HOPPECKE is the partner that offers energy storage solutions in the four main areas of application of emission-free units (trak), safety power supplies (grid), renewable energy storage (sun) and rail / subway systems (railways).
Headquartered in Brilon-Hoppecke, Germany and 21 international branches, the company employs over 2,000 people worldwide.
From the complete product program with batteries and cells to the complete energy systems with the most modern charging technology, monitoring and engineering units up to consumption-dependent energy billing – the company’s portfolio always provides the right product tailored to the needs of individual customers.
From 1st April 2019 there is a new company in the HOPPECKE group, INTILION GmbH, which represents another milestone in the company’s success story. INTILION stands for lithium-based systems and innovative operator models for industrial traction and stationary battery storage applications. INTILION – says the company – is the partner for future-oriented lithium-ion energy storage solutions and innovative business models.

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GYS, design and production of battery maintenance equipment

GYS, a company based in France, will also exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Founded in 1964, GYS is a family-owned company, present in 120 countries and with over 650 employees worldwide. Built around continuous investments in research and development and acquisition of knowledge, the company is today a major player in the design and production of battery chargers, welding machines and equipment for the repair of cars.

GYS designs and manufactures equipment for battery maintenance manufactured in two factories in France, and offers an extremely wide range of products. More than 50 years of production have consolidated the reputation of the GYS brand worldwide.

With over 60 engineers skilled in multiple specialties (electronics, mechanics, etc.), the GYS R&D department offers continuous innovation for high-tech products. In 2014, GYS made a major investment by opening a new research center to provide the best resources for researchers to continue developing innovative solutions and improvements.

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IASELAB, a laboratory for electrical safety tests

IASELAB Srl, a company based in Ferrara-Italy, will also exhibit with FzPro Srl at EV WORLDBATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Iaselab is a laboratory for electrical safety tests, electromagnetic compatibility tests, environmental tests and offers certification services for companies that mainly produce electrical / electronic devices and that need support for compliance with Directives and National Decrees in force.

Today it is essential to present to the market a product that complies with all the essential safety requirements (RES), which complies with the current requirements (example: CE marking) and to guarantee the quality of internal production and sales system (Voluntary trademarks of quality).

Iaselab helps companies that are going to place their products on the national, European and international markets by carrying out tests and regulatory high quality and reliable analysis.


IASELAB Srl is accredited by ACCREDIA (Italian Accreditation Body).

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THASAR, electrochemistry and battery test systems

Also Thasar Srl, a Milan-based company, will exhibit with Alldata at BATTERY WORLD –ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Thasar provides technical expertise in the development of applications, instrumentation and a consultancy and assistance in the following sectors: power supplies and programmable loads, data acquisition, electrochemistry, batteries and acoustic test systems.

The company has customers who belong to many industrial sectors, such as the aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical and renewable energy sectors, to which it is able to offer the widest range of technologies from leading companies in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East. and Asia.

Among the battery test systems proposed by Thasar, the following are worth mentioning:
BasyTech, the CTS family of cyclers optimized for testing a large number of individual cells. The dynamic current scales allow to test cells from a few amps typical of cells with button sizes up to 5 A cells.
Ivium Technologies, the OctoStat multichannel battery / potentiometer test system with the possibility of standalone use without a PC and FRA module for each channel.
Scribner, the battery test system designed in two versions of 1A or 5A per channel, with intuitive software.

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