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AUMATECH, automatic assembly lines for battery packs

Also Aumatech Srl will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Aumatech Srl in San Salvo, in the province of Chieti-Italy, was founded in 2011 by Marco Monaco, Luigi Ciancaglini, and Luigi Tereo, all three with twenty years of experience in the design and construction of machines for the automotive industry.

Aumatech – states the company – immediately began to develop solutions for automatic assembly lines of both cylindrical and prismatic battery packs including welding with resistance and laser technology, offering turnkey solutions, including control / selection instruments, EOL testing, and Aging test.

Today, Aumatech machines (not only for batteries, but also for the production of windscreens, rear windows, fuel tanks, plastic components for the exterior of cars, and composite containers, etc.) are sold in Europe, Brazil, China, Russia, and the United States and are used by car manufacturers such as Bentley, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Fiat Chrysler. Each machine is designed and built in-house and tested in front of the customer, with the guarantee of installation and assistance in any country in the world. The choice to continue investing and the constant increase in turnover and staff made it necessary to build a new factory in 2017.

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TORRICELLA, Panasonic battery distribution and assembly of customized battery packs

Also Torricella Srl will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Torricella Srl, a company based in Milan-Italy, is a certified distributor of Panasonic batteries and specializes in the assembly of customized battery packages for all industrial applications.

There are situations – states the company – in which the power supply of a particular tool, or the memory of an industrial machinery, needs to be powered at a voltage and current that do not correspond to any standard battery or battery on the market. What to do in these cases?
In these situations, Torricella internally assembles customized battery packs, made by electrically and physically connecting the batteries necessary to achieve the specifications required by the customer. This allows to create the necessary power source in compliance with all the necessary electrical parameters; in addition, the battery pack also has the size required to insert it in the available space, and all the protection circuits necessary for optimal operation.

The company guarantees consultancy: Torricella offers expert consultancy for the creation of battery packs tailored to the characteristics required by any product. Whatever voltage or amperage is needed to power the machinery, whatever size the spaces available to house the battery pack, and whatever type of protection circuit is needed, Torricella is able to suggest the most effective and simple way to make the pack batteries perfect for you.

The company guarantees material stocks: Torricella has a vast stock of different products at all times, to be able to remedy requests of special urgency. The models of batteries available on the market – by type, by size, by power – are numerous, and often irreplaceable; a specific customer request must be answered in an equally precise manner. In its warehouses, the company constantly has a complete assortment of batteries and batteries of all kinds, so that it can respond to any customer request with maximum speed.

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Acri Group2

ACRI GROUP, support systems for photovoltaic systems and cantilever roofs

Also Acri Group Srl will exhibit at SOLAR+ ZEROEMISSION 2021.
Acri Group Srl is a company in Caloveto, in the province of Cosenza-Italy, specialized in the production of support systems for photovoltaic systems such as carports, photovoltaic shelters, photovoltaic parks and photovoltaic systems on the ground.The systems – says the company – are adaptable to any surface and panels, including structures on two screws, and are able to guarantee greater support for the system;C-profile single pole structures
The “bolted” connections guarantee ease of assembly, disassembly and maintenance, and are designed to withstand snow and wind loads, in accordance with current regulations.

In addition, Acri Group also specializes in the production of geotechnical screws, from 27 to 48 mm in diameter, ideal for holding signage, fences, street furniture.
It also produces screws with a diameter of 60/120 mm and more, for demanding uses such as parks and photovoltaic structures, greenhouses, wooden houses, steel structures, fences, road and advertising signs, etc…

The company also manufactures metal carpentry products that can be adapted to any type of construction, in particular metal structures of various sizes and intended uses such as: industrial warehouses, civil construction, multi-storey construction, green building structures, etc.

The company is UNI EN ISO 3834-3: 2006 certified by Bureau Veritas.

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SOLIDpower, from startup to leader in SOFC fuel cells

Also SOLIDpower Spa, Multinational with parent company in Mezzolombardo, in the province of Trento-Italy, will be present at H2 HYDROGEN & FUEL CELLS ZEROEMISSION 2021.

SOLIDpower Spa was born in 2006 as SOFCpower, spin-off of Eurocoating-Turbocoating Group, and in 2007 acquires at Yverdon, in Switzerland, 100% of HTceramix S.A., spin-off of Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne (EPFL), specialized in the development of high temperature fuel cells.
In 2008, the first pilot plant for the production of cells, cells, and SOFC systems was built in Mezzolombardo, Italy, and the following year the first mCHP system developed by SOFCpower was successfully installed and tested within a demonstration project.

In 2014, the Mezzolombardo plant was enlarged through the start-up of a new production plant, and the company changed its company name to SOLIDpower. With the acquisition in 2015 of Ceramic Fuel Cells GmbH, a German company that produces BlueGEN, SOLIDpower expands its product portfolio and secures a new production plant, the existing team and the related know-how. In 2016, following the acquisition, production of the BlueGEN systems restarts at the Heinsberg plant in Germany. At the beginning of 2016 the first systems are supplied all over Europe.

Today SOLIDpower is a group of international companies. At the various plants, the company employs highly specialized staff in SOFC technology, in order to optimize every aspect of technology and products. The headquarters of the group remained in Mezzolombardo, where both research and development activities and the production of cells and stacks take place. The assembly of the BlueGEN systems and the European sales management are located in Heinsberg, Germany. In Switzerland, Yverdon and Australia, in Melbourne, there are two centers for technological development and research for further applications.

In the first months of 2020, the company will open one of the largest and most modern systems production systems in Europe, which will reach a production capacity of 50 MW.

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EV.STORE, the intelligent wallbox that measures domestic loads

Also EV.Store from Lorix Srl of Milan-Italy, will exhibit at EV WORLDBATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

EV.Store launched Ev.tre, wall box intelligente on the market, which measures domestic consumption, calculates the maximum energy that can be delivered to the car, eliminates overloads, and measures the energy transferred to the car.

Ev.tre is available in two versions:

  • 6kW monophase 230Vac
  • 18kW Triphase 400Vac

The BASIC model is equipped with a display and three keys for selecting the menu and allows you to set the maximum power and carry out:

automatic refills
delayed top-ups
partial refills

The ESPANSO model is equipped with WiFi, 868MHz radio card. respectively for the connection to the portal and for the connection to the Ev.log home load control system

Measurement of domestic consumption: the measurement of domestic loads is carried out through Ev.log, a compact device that can be installed in a few seconds downstream of the domestic meter.

Eliminates overloads: Ev.tre receives in real time from Ev.log, the energy absorption of the house and regulates the power supplied to the car to always remain within the limits of the available power on the meter.

Ev.tre also definitively solves the problem of bursting of the main switch in the event of overload due to charging the car.

Made in Italy: the design, construction, and prototyping are performed by a competent team in its role within the company. The idea of the startup was born from the desire to improve mobility and encourage green-mobility.

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GPpm Battery Marketing Italy

GP BATTERY MARKETING, batteries for the consumer and industrial markets

Also GP Battery Marketing Italy Srl, (GPBM Italy), wil exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

In 1985 three friends registered the Cebon company and with full entrepreneurial spirit they began to sell button cells, thus starting a successful journey that has lasted for over 30 years now. Today Cebon is the parent company of GPBM Nordic, GPBM Italy and GPBM France.

As early as 1988, GP Batteries (GPI) became the company’s official battery supplier. The close collaboration with GP Batteries has allowed the company to become one of the main ledaers of the alkaline and rechargeable batteries market, both at consumer and industrial level. Today GP Batteries is one of the corporate partners of GPBM.

Today the company has offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, and Italy. The headquarters and warehouse for Northern Europe are located in Gothenburg. GPBM Nordics has a turnover of around 355 million crowns and employs over 100 employees.

GPBM operates in two distinct market segments: consumer and industrial. These include consumer markets batteries, lighting products, and fire safety on the market. On the Industrial one, it offers customized and high-tech energy solutions for industrial applications, batteries, safety, and lighting products for professionals and MROs (maintenance, repair and operating).

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SATINAL, EVA film for the production of photovoltaic modules

Also Satinal Spa will exhibit at  SOLAR+ ZEROEMISSION 2021.
Satinal Spa, thanks to decades of experience gained in the field of construction of systems and solutions for laminated glass, has decided to respond to these needs by bringing the production of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) films internally, also used for the production of modules PV.
With headquarters in Erba (CO) and operating offices located in Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East, the Como-based company boasts a staff of about thirty people, capable of developing a turnover that is around € 10 million through diversification of the product range.

STRATO® is an EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) film, a polymer that is used for a wide range of applications in different industrial sectors, including the production of photovoltaic modules. Produced by Satinal the leading producer of EVA films in Italy – the company’s commitment is to offer a 100% Italian product that meets the high standards of our country. In fact, a product linked to glass is treated in a country that has always proven to be at the forefront in the development of the best technologies in the sector.

“We also design and manufacture lamination, tempering and chemical hardening ovens with the TK brand – says Dr. Marco Bresciani, partner and CEO of Satinal together with his brother Eng. Luca Bresciani. Therefore, operating in the laminated glass sector through the construction of the systems, a couple of years ago we felt the need to bring EVA production technology. “

“Taking advantage of the customer base of our ovens and having already acquired an in-depth knowledge of this market over time – says Marco Bresciani – we have thus decided to start producing this film, called STRATO, within our factory in Erba, with the aim to become a new reference point in the glass lamination sector at an international level “.

Another innovative product is STRATO® FRESCO, the solar control EVA, very interesting because it is able to absorb almost all the solar radiation, allowing buildings located in countries with typically hot climates to drastically reduce the use of air conditioning and consequently, greenhouse gas emissions, as well as a reduction in electricity costs.

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Archimede Energia

ARCHIMEDE ENERGIA, industrial lithium batteries for the Motive Power sector

Also Archimede Energia Srl will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.
Since 2009, Archimede Energia – which is part of the HB4 holding company – has been producing lithium batteries, and was founded with the idea of developing solutions and applications in the field of sustainable mobility, industrial applications, energy efficiency and boating.

Research and investments have led the company to create a varied range of products from automotive to storage through the creation of products suitable for light towers or AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) to meet customer needs.
From the experience in the field Archimede Energia has acquired electronic and electrical skills that have allowed it to industrialize the AEnerbox accumulators.

Archimede Energia therefore produces industrial lithium batteries in the Motive Power sector, both in the land and marine sectors. The company has a wide range of standard products in addition to custom products. The high energy density of lithium batteries adapts optimally to applications in this sector having an excellent volume-weight / energy ratio.

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Security Trust

SECURITY TRUST, a leading company for the security and protection of PV and sensitive systems

Also Security Trust Srl will exhibit at SOLAR+ /  ZEROEMISSION 2021.
Security Trust, of Cellatica, in the province of Brescia-Italy, operates on Italian and European territory and started its strategic path in 2001; after a little more than a decade, it has managed to conquer – states the company – a leadership position in the Italian context, appearing at a peak among the companies that deal with System Integration.

For owners of photovoltaic systems, wind farms, hydroelectric plants, cogeneration plants, and / or other production plants, it is essential to guarantee continuity of operation since without electricity, the entire civil society would stop. Some of the most common risks are intrusions or vandalism that can compromise the production of the plants.

Security in these sensitive places is guaranteed by Security Trust through the design, planning, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of anti-intrusion and robbery alarm systems in compliance with the reference standards CEI 79-3 and CEI EN 50131-1.

For the design of the system, a threat assessment and risk analysis is conducted, which takes into account the cost of any theft or damage, the location where the property is located, the presence or absence of a garrison and the history of previous thefts or threats.

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IBS – Industrial Battery Service, high-end industrial batteries

Also IBS Italia Srl  – Industrial Battery Service Italia Srl will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.
IBS – Industrial Battery Service enters the high-end battery market with the Luminor line – Leader Technology, a brand born – states the company – with the aim of positioning itself as one of the main Italian manufacturers for industrial batteries. Quality, technologies used, long life, and absolute reliability are the characteristics that most distinguish the company’s products.

Founded in Milan in 2014 by a group of professionals in the field of marketing, design, and distribution, IBS – Industrial Battery Service immediately set itself the goal of becoming the preferred partner for distributors and private individuals, in the field of systems power supply and energy storage, aware that, excluding the electricity grid, the most reliable and safe energy source is represented by the battery.

In the reference market, that of traction monoblocks, according to IBS – Industrial Battery Service, customer service can be developed on 3 main axes: purchase or after-sales assistance, logistical aspects (shipping, transport and storage), and professional advice for private label production.

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