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NEFAB, partner of international battery manufacturers

Nefab AB, based in Sweden with offices worldwide,  is a partner of leading companies in the highly specialized sector of batteries and storage systems for the supply of complete packaging solutions.

Also Nefab Italia will exhibit at  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Nefab solutions are optimized on the basis of the product specifications and allow to reduce costs on the entire logistic chain.
The reduction of total costs is the primary need of industrial companies: Nefab develops and manufactures packaging solutions for the battery industry with this specific objective, respecting high quality standards, interpreting the real needs of the customer, thanks to decades of experience in the design of packaging solutions, providing a capillary system of local services, production and warehouses and cooperating with leading companies in the world of packaging at an international level.

Nefab is a multinational leader in the industrial packaging sector, specializing in complete solutions that reduce total logistics costs and environmental impact. Nefab also offers the guarantee of an ISO 9001: 2015 certified supplier by TUV, able to offer a safe product and efficient service.

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BATTERY WORLD 2021 grows with new contents and collaborations

The exhibition-conference  BATTERY WORLD 2021 – ZEROEMISSION 2021,  5-6 May 2021 at Piacenza Expo-Italy, grows and becomes the event not to be missed for the whole business world engaged in the development of innovative technologies, products, and services of the industrial chain of batteries and storage systems, from materials, components, , to finished products, to equipment and lines for the production of cells and batteries, accessories, software, services, etc.

The event can count on the prestigious technical-scientific contribution of RSE – Research on the Energy System and of the POLYTECHNIC OF MILAN – Department of Energy, with which the organizers are developing a top-level conference program. Here are some pre-defined themes:

  • ANIE 3.0 White Paper on chemical storage systems
  • Batteries and storage systems
  • Applications on large systems / sizes, control and regulation logics, integration in the energy market
  • Applications on small plants and mobility, technical-economic evaluation of the investment, possibility of integration
  • Technologies and markets
  • Materials, aging, second life, and recycling
  • LCA
  • EMS, Energy Management Systems
  • BMS, Battery Management Systems
  • International initiatives: European programs (EBA, ETIP, Horizon, Interregional Platform, SETplan, ecc.)
  • National Programs and Italian Working Group
  • Financial Instruments
  • Round table among battery manufacturers in Italy
  • Supplements and System Analysts
  • Machinery and technologies for the production of cells and batteries: Italian excellence.

Furthermore, BATTERY WORLD 2021 can also count on the contribution of many other institutional realities, such as ANIE ENERGIA, CESI and COBAT, and already several leading companies in the sector chain have confirmed participation in the event and others are about to confirm.

BATTERY WORLD 2021 takes place within the prestigious event ZEROEMISSION 2021, at the same time as the 4 other synergic themed shows: SOLAR+, INVERTER WORLD, H2 HYDROGEN & FUEL CELLS and EV ELECTRIC VEHICLES WORLD.

What is Battery World

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giakova logo

Also GIAKOVA will exhibit at ZeroEmission 2021

Also Giakova srl will exhibit at  ZEROEMISSION 2021. Giakova was founded in 1992 and immediately focuses on the production and sale of measuring and control instruments for applications in different industrial sectors, analysis of energy consumption, laboratory instruments etc.
Giakova’s characteristics have been from the outset correctness, professionalism, and transparency that still accompany it in the continuous renewal process. To date, it can rely on a structure made up of 11 collaborators, including sales and administrative staff located throughout Italy.

Among the various instruments is the Amprobe EV 500 Series – Test adapter kit for charging stations for electric vehiclesproviding access to the sockets of vehicle charging stations to perform safety and functional tests, simulating the presence of an electric vehicle in order to measure the outputs.

The adapter kit allows customers to conduct tests in combination with appropriate test tools such as an installation tester (for example Beha-Amprobe ProInstall Series) and / or Scope Meters (oscilloscope) (for example Fluke 120B Industrial ScopeMeter handheld oscilloscopes). With the adapter kit, the charging stations can be tested according to IEC / EN 61851-1 and IEC / HD 60364-7-722.
The Beha-Amprobe team developed multiple versions of the product to meet country specific requirements (power outlet). Each of the EV-520 kits includes a region-specific test adapter as well as an EVC-20 test cable with a type 2 charging station connector. This connector combines both the “socket” and “fixed cable with vehicle connector” options all in one, which is more universal and easier to use than other solutions currently available on the market.
In addition to the EV-520 kits, Giakova also offers an optional EVC-13 accessory that can be used for Type 1 EV charging stations.

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rossini energy logo

ROSSINI ENERGY, the perfect alliance between renewable energies and electric vehicles

Also Rossini Energy will exhibit at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.
Rossini Energy is a company created by Luca Rossini, associated with the French group InnoVent since 2018 to create the perfect alliance between renewable energy and electric vehicles. The idea was born during the studies in the French School of Engineering Arts et Métiers, in 2015, where the founders realized that in many countries energy storage represents a real opportunity, due to the high cost of electricity and the diffusion of renewable energies.
This is how Rossini Energy was born and launched several innovative solutions.

Designed for companies equipped with solar photovoltaics and at least one forklift, Cloudino is the intelligent charger that transforms forklifts into storage systems. The patented solution is ideal in countries where electricity has a high cost and on-the-spot exchange is low-paid. The Cloudino charger allows a bidirectional flow (charge-discharge) to store excess solar electricity in the battery, and then reuse it in the evening, once the sun has set.
The Banco smart cable is a charging cable for electric cars that allows you to participate in the energy transition.
Up to Edi, a solution for companies that use any type of electric vehicle: from lifting platforms to electric cars, and to the PienoSole charging station: conceived for industrial and tertiary buildings with photovoltaic production, PienoSole is a customizable column that supplies solar electricity, adapting the power supplied to instantaneous local production, for an increase in self-consumption and a reduction in the electricity bill.

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Solarnet Envolve Srl

SOLARNET of ENVOLVE, the online service to monitor the photovoltaic system

Also Solarnet of Envolve Srl will exhibit at  ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Solarnet is an online service that allows you to monitor the photovoltaic system through updated data in real time, which can be consulted comfortably from PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Envolve Srl ‘s staff offers a very varied and complete range of IT solutions. Starting from the different experiences in the world of programming and its practical applications on different platforms, Envolve Srl has created a solution that meets the needs of those who deal with photovoltaic systems: Solarnet, a monitoring system for photovoltaic systems but, more generally, for all forms of green energy. The path was tiring but also very stimulating. Currently, however, Envolve Srl can be proud of having created a truly easy and versatile system that aligns itself in terms of cost and quality with the best on the market.

Solarnet provides a fast and intuitive web interface that allows you to view the production data of your system and each installed inverter at any time. Thanks to the possibility of interfacing with multiple devices (inverters, fiscal meters, solar meters, field panels), it offers all the means to guarantee maximum profitability.

Solarnet allows to intervene in a timely manner in the event of plant shutdown, by sending sms and e-mails in the event of a malfunction, in order to guarantee maximum efficiency over time.

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Polimi Politecnico di Milano

ENERGY DEPARTMENT of Polytechnic of Milan, one of the most authoritative Universities in Europe

More than 350 people, every day, engage in research and teaching activities in the energy sector: they are the Professors, the technical-administrative staff, the Researchers and the PhD students of the Energy Department of the Polythecnic of Milan.
The Department of Energy of the Polytechnic of Milan, in addition to sponsorship and exhibition at the fair, collaborates with ZEROEMISSION 2021 for the organization of conferences.
“At the Department of Energy we consider the world of energy in its complexity, and in its continuous evolution. The subjects of study are the disciplines and technologies related to the production, conversion, transport and use of energy, considering its complex social and environmental implications . ”
“Thanks to the breadth of skills offered by the Department of Energy, the Polythecnic of Milan can boast one of the most authoritative structures in Europe: a reference point for the high level of teaching, primary interlocutor for research, active and proactive partner of Companies, Bodies, Institutions. Nationally and internationally. “

“We are part of a University of excellence: to guarantee the maximum commitment in teaching the basic disciplines, to deepen the scientific themes with experimentation and applied research, is a must for us. We want to do even more: we want to teach and spread a correct and qualified use of energy.
Our added value is in people, aware of the incessant changes taking place in industrialized and developing countries. Our commitment is aimed at providing the necessary tools for a more sustainable use of energy in the long term, in Italy and worldwide. “

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Il Piacenza

Piacenza promotes a memorandum of understanding to disseminate research and innovation

Networking, research and innovation between institutions, universities and public enterprises operating in the area (Emilia-Romagna Region but also Lombardy Region, thanks to Polytechnic and Catholic Universities based in Piacenza, the city that will host ZEROEMISSION 2021): this is the objective of the biennial memorandum of understanding promoted by the Municipality of Piacenza and signed in the city Hall with ten signatories, the headquarters of the Piacenza Catholic University, the Citizen pole of the Polytechnic of Milan, the Nicolini Conservatory, the Leap Consortium, the Musp Consortium, Rse Spa, Foundation Its, v (Itl) and Art-ER. Basically universities, institutes, and subjects operating in different sectors: from energy, to logistics, to robotics to creative research. A real revolution that will make it possible to put in communication areas of research.

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TAB, at the forefront in the production of car, truck and industrial batteries

Also TAB ITALIA Spa will exhibit at BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.
TAB ITALIA SpA is the Italian subsidiary of TAB D.D. – Slovenian manufacturer of industrial and starter batteries, operating for over 60 years.

TAB ITALIA was born in 2009 as a result of the merger between TAB D.D. and a company in the province of Milan, at the time involved for more than 60 years in the industrial battery sector. The arrival of the new management in 2011 marks the beginning of the current management, characterized by three key points: growth, development and investments. In 2016 the inauguration of the new headquarters in the city of  Zanica (BG) took place, inserted in a strategic context and designed with cutting-edge technology, to reflect the dynamism of the TAB Italia team.

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