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RSE, Research on the Energy System

Research on the Energy System – RSE S.p.A., in addition to sponsorship and exhibition at the fair, collaborates with at  ZEROEMISSION 2021 for the definition of conferences.
The recent history of RSE begins on April 29, 2009, when CESI RICERCA takes on the new name of ENEA – Research on the Electricity System (more briefly ERSE SpA). On 15 July of that year GSE (Electrical Services Manager) acquired 49% of the RSE share capital from CESI. The company’s mission remains the same: to develop research programs in the electro-energy sector, aimed at the entire national electricity system. In 2010 the company passed under the full control of the sole shareholder GSE, assuming the current name of Research on the Energy System – RSE S.p.A.

The mission of RSE S.p.A. is to develop research projects of general public interest for the national electricity system, with an application and system approach. As part of the projects financed by the System Research Fund (RdS), it carries out research activities aimed at innovation and improving the performance of the electro-energy system from the point of view of economy, safety and environmental compatibility, with widespread diffusion of the results. In addition, RSE contributes to the sustainable development of the Italian electricity and energy system through technical and scientific cooperation with national and international operators.

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IGUS: cables, protection, and automation at the fair

Also igus, a German company, will exhibit at ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Born in 1993, the Italian branch of the igus group continues to grow to offer the best of motion plastics to the whole Peninsula. Thanks to the warehouse, igus Italia with more than 100 collaborators – in the city of Robbiate (LC) headquarters and throughout the national territory – the company offers a capillary service and tailor-made assistance for specific photovoltaic, energy and electric mobility applications, and for special projects.

Technological progress consists in making the machines faster and faster and their movements more precise. Consequently, components also have to always overcome new challenges. It is precisely on the basis of this assumption that, in 1964, Günter Blase founded igus, with the idea of ​​developing high-performance, wear-resistant polymer products for every type of movement. Today, these products are called motion plastics. Also from an environmental point of view, motion plastics represent an improvement. On the one hand, the production process to manufacture polymer components requires half the liters of oil compared to those needed to produce an equivalent steel product and up to 70% less if we are talking about similar aluminum products. On the other hand, if we consider the 54.4 billion tons of lubricant that are dispersed in the environment every year, igus’ self-lubricating products contribute to the protection of the environment.

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H2PLANET, sustainable hydrogen solutions and systems

Also Hydro2Power Srl, leading company in Italy in the production, installation, and distribution of hydrogen fuel cells and other fuels, will exhibit at H2 HYDROGEN & FUEL CELLS ZEROEMISSION 2021 with its H2planet brand.
Hydro2Power Srl is a company born 15 years ago thanks to the support of the Business Accelerator of the Polytechnic of Milan, and is the first company in Italy completely focused on the diffusion of hydrogen and fuel cells technologies, and on the diffusion of the related issues with transversal production activities, engineering and installation, training, and information.
Hydro2Power® is one of the winners of the Start-Cup 2003 award, a competition for technological innovation organized by the Polytechnic Innovation and Business Accelerator.

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ITALIA SOLARE, the national and international reference association for solar photovoltaics

ITALIA SOLARE, the Association that proposes itself as a national and international reference for sustainable development and energy independence based on the use of clean energy sources with particular reference to photovoltaic solar, sponsors and will exhibit at  ZEROEMISSION 2021.
In particular, ITALIA SOLARE works with
8 working groups on the most important and current issues affecting the photovoltaic industry and operators in Italy.
ITALIA SOLARE represents nearly 800 members offering them a series of useful services, organizing events and training courses, information and awareness campaigns, and proposals to the institutions for the development and implementation of rules and behaviors that facilitate greater diffusion of photovoltaic systems and renewable energies and that protect among other things that it intends to build or has already built a photovoltaic system or other renewable energy systems.

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Be2Hub – Exergy Design Srl

BE2HUB, know-how in batteries and smart metering

With a strategic and operational approach, Be2Hub , base in Lombardy-Italy, allows companies to measure in real time and to optimize the energy consumption of their production and management processes, offering advanced battery development and smart metering technologies and services for all types of energy consumption.

Also Be2Hub will exhibit at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Be2Hub was born from a team of professionals who share an ambitious challenge: to bring order to the “energy chaos” that characterizes the operating context of the Italian company today, helping it to achieve the objectives of energy efficiency.
Be2Hub exclusively distributes the technologies of Enersys and Quallion LLC for Italy, US leaders in the production of primary and secondary lithium ion batteries for various industrial applications.

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kernel sistemi

KERNEL SISTEMI, electronic components and systems for control and supervision of PV plants

Also Kernel Sistemi s.r.l. will exhibit at ZEROEMISSION 2021.
The company, based in Modena-Italy,  designs, manufactures, and markets electronic components for the automation and control of industrial processes. Innovation is the driving force behind the company.
Kernel provides string controls, PLCs for the control, and supervision of photovoltaic systems, fiber optic converters, energy meters, management software, etc.

Always looking for new solutions, Kernel offers the right product also for other industrial sectors: from ceramic machines to food automation and packaging, passing through the automation of textile machines, the dairy industry, industrial automation up to to get to home automation and other particular sectors.
Kernel Sistemi it is equipped with modern devices for the assembly and welding of components, also with SMD technologies, and optical inspection. The entire production cycle is carried out in compliance with the standards and new environmental directives in force. Kernel products are RoHS and RAE compatible and comply with the reporting standards for component recycling.

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VERCAR 3 MOTO2-E, a real electric-powered competition bike

Also Vercar will exhibit at EV WORLD /  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Vercar is the Italian manufacturer of MOTO2 – E, a true electric-powered competition motorcycle developed with unprecedented technological solutions, exploiting a power unit interchangeable with the Triumph 3-cylinder endothermic engine.

Vercar s.n.c. was the first Italian company to strongly believe in the development of electric vehicles for competition use. In the last 8 years it has created a real high-performance racing bike on the Yamaha R6 chassis, with which it has participated twice in the TT-ZERO, finishing fifth overall. The bike follows highly distinctive design choices in the field of electric propulsion, which have made it a vehicle not only performing, but also (and above all) exhilarating in driving.

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SIEL inverters for the largest and most innovative photovoltaic system in Colombia

SIEL, leader in the production of inverters and ups, will also be among the exhibitors of INVERTER WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021. In May 2019 the company from Trezzano Rosa, in the province of Milan-Italy, won a tender for the supply of inverters for the Colombian largest and most innovative PV solar park, and one of South America’s major high-power grid-connected networks for the production and sale of energy.

Twelve PS5660 conversion units, each of 5.6 MW and equipped with four 1415 kilowatt inverters capable of working up to 1500 volts in continuous VDC: this is Siel‘s contribution to the 86 megawatt continuous PV system, the largest in Colombia and one of the main worldwide, inaugurated on April 5 in the northern district of Cesar, Colombia, in the presence of the highest local and international authorities.


“It’s called Soleil TLH 1415M, we made it in less than twelve months and on the international scene it is currently the 1500 VDC converter with the best performance certified by an independent third party” comments Glauco Pensini, CSO of the Lombard company. “It is the latest addition to a production conceived, designed, developed, and produced in Italy since 1983, which can be exported all over the world because we install and maintain it through a widespread network of branches and specialized agents”.

Siel is an Italian company certified ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000, bankable, operating worldwide, its products are appraised by external laboratories and certification bodies.

“We are proud to be able to relate to EPC and projects of this caliber, and to provide once again an Italian product made with such cutting-edge features in compliance with the highest quality standards,” says Pensini.

“We consider the market of the Americas to be strategic in the field of renewables, and we have many projects in Colombia,” he concludes.

Today SIEL has more than 2GW of photovoltaic inverters installed and active worldwide.

SIEL will exhibit at INVERTER WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021 to present its latest novelties.

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icape group

ICAPE Group, long experience in the production of printed circuit boards

Also ICAPE Group, based in France, a DIVSYS International group company, will exhibit at ZEROEMISSION 2021.

Since 1999, ICAPE Group has gained long experience in the production of printed circuit boards and customized technical parts produced in China. 1,700 customers rely on the group’s quality services and offerings.

Each month, the ICAPE group delivers 22 million PCBs and 5 million technical parts. In 2018, the ICAPE group achieved a turnover of 125 million euros and aims for 20% growth in 2019.

With its teams of 340 people worldwide and 75 strategic partners in Asia, 25 in printed circuit boards and 50 in technical parts, ICAPE Group offers the best supply solutions. The service office, located in China, is made up of 185 highly qualified employees.

The global commercial organization allows it to be closer to the production plants and to meet the needs in printed circuits and technical parts, with the best quality / price / service ratios.

The ICAPE group recently marked another milestone by joining forces with DIVSYS International, headquartered in Indianapolis, in the United States. DIVSYS brings United States-based technical expertise to PCB and PCBA, combined with a quality control lab and rapid prototyping team to a world-class PCB sales organization, ICAPE Group.

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ENERPOWER, experience at the service of industrial batteries

Also Enerpower company based in Monza-Italy specialized in the supply, installation, and technical assistance services of high quality products in the sector of batteries for industrial applications, special start-up and synergic products such as charging batteries and inverters for plants in the renewable energy sector (solar – wind) – will exhibit at  BATTERY WORLD – ZEROEMISSION 2021.

The company organization has gained long experience in the sector and is able to formulate offers and quotes for the most varied types of applications (UPS uninterruptible power supplies, emergency systems, renewable energy, electric vehicles, floor washing machines, forklifts, etc.).
The wide range of products includes, in addition to the most suitable batteries for the various application sectors, other complementary products that place the company in a leading position to offer timely and efficient customer service.

Among its major customers, Enerpower includes very large companies operating in the solar, photovoltaic, wind energy, batteries for electric vehicles and traction vehicles (boats, campers, bicycles, golf-cars, floor cleaners, etc.), and still others in the IT sector, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), plant engineering, and telecommunications.

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