Conference Programme

10 OCTOBER 2023

Main topics:

  • Auctions, incentive tariffs, contributions: will we be able to implement the PNIEC
  • The future of zero-emission air mobility
  • Renewables, storage and industry: to avoid falling from the frying pan into the fire
  • Seasonal storage is key to countering the randomness of RENs
  • A zero-emission capacity market: is it feasible?
  • Renewable Energy Communities and decarbonisation
  • Home and community storage – technologies and products
  • Incentives and economic sustainability of CERs
  • Agrivoltaic, more than energy production
  • Photovoltaics implementation for sustaining the market grow in Italy
  • Photovoltaics in Italy: from users to producers. Support, research and industrial policy

11 OCTOBER 2023

Main topics:

  • Onshore wind or offshore wind?
  • Wind power in Europe and MENA
  • The Italian offshore wind services supply chain
  • Medium-long term prospects for wind energy
  • Technologies and projects for the carbon-neutralization of aviation
  • eAviation components (energy storage and propulsion)
  • Redox Flow Batteries (RFB): basic principles and advantages
  • RFB: market and industrial use cases for medium-long duration (max. 10h) battery storage
  • RFB: power unit components
  • RFB: design and modelling
  • CER, digital and microgrid, a necessary trio
  • The electrification of domestic energy users
  • The path to carbon neutrality: the corporate transparency market
  • Electric charging: rebalancing the territories
  • eMaterials recycling as a channel for European independence in the REN
  • The lithium campaign
  • The replacement of eMaterials and the reduction of their use: research and experiences
  • Conventional and brine mining of ematerials for Renewables

12 OCTOBER 2023

Main topics:

  • An integrated and digital energy system, where are we at?
  • The grid for the new energy system: technologies and investments
  • RFB: scale-up and manufacturing
  • FRB: Sustainability and recycling
  • RFB: Research and new chemistries
  • Agricultural biogas in Italy: prospects with the end of the first generation of plants
  • The waste cycle and energy production: compared technologies
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