Thursday, 12 October
Conference Programme

Hall 1

Conference Room A


Redox Flow Batteries (RFB): PART III
Panel V: Scale-up and manufacturing

Panel VI: Sustainability and recycling

Panel VII: Research and new chemistries

Conference Room B


An integrated and digital energy system, from grids to investments: where are we at?

Conference Room C


Workshop by SolarEdge: Massimizzare i rendimenti e le prestazioni dei sistemi agro-fotovoltaici: l’importanza del Module Level Power Electronic (MLPE) e delle relative caratteristiche di sicurezza

Workshop by Saj: Rivoluzione nelle soluzioni di accumulo di energia

Hall 2

Conference Room E


Agricultural biogas in Italy: prospects with the end of the first generation of plants

The waste cycle and energy production: compared technologies

Conference Room F


Kyoto Club Milva Mockumentary

Delfino Academy

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